kate lanagan macgregor

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Thank you for checking my “About” Page!  My biggest goal is to guide you to be the hero in your own success  story! I believe that you can “Rise to the Top” with Agent Rising Real Estate School and Training Center! This is a bit about my business life surrounding Agent Rising.  Click here to see an actual resume!

You can also visit www.katelanaganmacgregor.com, which serves as a hub (or the heart) of all of my endeavors! We have developed a comprehensive and strategic approach to providing you with ALL the resources you need to be the REALTOR Professional that you want to be! I have long been committed to enhancing the professionalism of all in our industry! Would you like to S.H.I.N.E and S.M.I.L.E? Allow me to share how to do it!