Question: How much is the online course and what are the payment methods?

Answer: The cost of the online course is $327 and an additional $69.84  plus shipping for books. Payments can be made through our website using paypal or credit card.

Question: How long to complete the course?
Answer: With our online course you can go at your own speed. We do recommend that you don’t take longer than 8 weeks to complete to keep all the information fresh in your mind. 

Question: What are the steps after I pay?

Answer: When you submit your payment you will receive an email from Agent Rising. This is where you will set up your user information. Once completed you will be directed to a link that will walk you step by step on how to get your materials and where to go from there. 

Question: How do i access the showcase?

Answer:You will access the showcase and bundles through the Agent Rising site using the user name and password we provide. 

Question: I do not know what QBank is or how to get there to do the quiz, can someone direct me to that?

Answer:We will be covering QBank in our first Live Workshop March 14. It is confusing to figure on your own, so we will walk you through it.

In the meantime, there are questions at the end of every unit or chapter in your books. You can start there!

Question:Which method would you like the recordings sent by, email, is there submission in the showcase, facebook?

Answer: Whatever works best for you. Your phone has a recording device you can email or text them from there to the Dean of Students:

Question: Is your password the same thing as your code?

Answer: NO your password you enroll in is just for that enrollment you will receive the password for the Independent learning and Bundled Live Learning via email.

Question: What can I access from my iPhone?

Answer: You can access everything from your phone, I believe!

Question: I missed a question on the quiz, can I go back?

Answer: Not without retaking the module. Your quiz is not graded, you must answer the questions. Don’t worry about going back… On the exam you can!

Question: What is the difference in my log in for and the log in to the showcase modules?

Answer: The purpose of the log in to is to give you access to your SOAR Membership, which is the class and all it’s information.

For us to account for your online learning, you must sign into the showcase modules. It’s best to use the same email! The password for this will be given via email.

Question: What is the difference between module and unit?

Answer: The module is a term for all of the training ‘modules’, which include units (general yellow book), chapters (state red book) , onboarding, preexam, and others!

Question: Where can I get the link for the quiz bank?

Answer: Here is the link for the quiz bank . Add to your browser

Select register for my free quiz bank.

Question: When the bundles and showcase are completed must I have them stamped by you and if so do I have to visit you in person?

AnswerAs you complete each bundle and showcase you will receive a badge of completion. These are for you to keep and track your progress. We can also see on our back end your progress. The candidate book that you bring to the testing center does have to be completed and this is what we stamp. No need for you to come here we can send it to you.

Question: Where is the calendar for the live sessions?

AnswerWhen watching your bundles and showcase we are live on chat Monday- Friday from 9-9 to answer your questions.  You can watch and learn whenever you can

Question: Is there anywhere to see what BOLD and what SHOWCASE sessions we have completed? I am between my phone (listening in the car) and laptop- watching, etc and I am feeling like I may be repeating?

Answer: You should be keeping the badges you get for each showcase and bold. If you feel you are missing any we can check to see what you have completed. Best to keep the badges.

Question: When watching the bundles how do I auto resume so I do not have to repeat a section?

Answer: When watching the bundles and you know you won’t be able to finish you have to stop the segment you are on just before it ends or go to the next segment, sign in and then stop. This is the only way right now it will bring you to where you left off. 

Question: Where is the glossary for the online course?

Answer: The glossary for the online course it the glossary in the back of your Dearborn textbook.

Question: Can I log in when I am available to complete training or is there a set time and calendar for the broker class?

AnswerYou can do it at your own time however we try to have people complete within about eight weeks max so that you don’t forget the material that you learned in the beginning.

Question: Is there any order I should watch the bundles and the showcase?

AnswerYou should go in the order they are listed on the website. Start with the showcase then go and watch the bundles that correspond to those units and chapters. This is a terrific way to review.

Question: What is the scholarSHARE program?

Answer: Every month Agent Rising will be give away one  online course for free. Tell us your story and let us know what you hope your will get from the Agent Rising course.