MAR Conference & Tradeshow!

massachusetts realtorAgent Rising is excited to announce that not only will be hosting a booth at the MAR Conference & Tradeshow but our Broker/Owner Kate Lanagan MacGregor will be presenting a New Agent Training 7 Strategies for Success!

The conference will be taking place on October 7th & 8th at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, the New Agent Training will take place Monday October 7th from 9:00 am-10:45 am in the Racepoint room at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel. This exciting and informative training will help new agents get a leg up and learn what steps will help them in becoming great REALTORS! The training will also be extremely beneficial to experienced agents as it will help them reconnect with the basics of the job. Agent Rising along with Beyond Bold Media will be hosting a booth on Monday October 7th. We will have some great giveaways and free swag!


Be sure to stop by our booth and check us out!

Scanning App-Paperless Training!

Agent Rising shows scanning app
Scanning apps are an excellent time effective way to get important documents uploaded and sent. With the real estate world moving towards becoming paperless, stay one
step ahead with this tutorial on scanning. You can scan your documents into your file/folders on Evernote, Google Drive, dropbox, box, or your computer file. This way, you will have all of your documents right at your fingertips!

Genius Scan Training

Download a scanning app, and get scanning today! If you need more information on the scanning process or other great apps check out Agent Rising Scorecards!



Website Development and Online Marketing!

Agent Rising on Website Development

Creating an online presence is critical way to get your brand into the world. Developing and more importantly managing a successful website, social media and online marketing is the key to getting yourself found on Google and making your business successful! There are two important key factors when posting to your website. First, utilizing search engine optimization to ensure your posts are loaded with keywords to get your website found on Google. Second, content is king! The more content and blogging or posting you do on your website, the better your chances are of getting found on the first page of Google. Statistically people do not search beyond the first page, so if you are not found on page one, your site could be lost!


At Agent Rising, we are here to help your business be as successful as possible. Our dedicated team works with you from start to finish creating your website, logo, etc. to managing your online marketing and social media. Through Google Alerts we can customize to any industry and tailor posts to be related to your business. For example, posting for a real estate office would include community events, National trends and company specific posts. Restaurant posts would consist of weekly specials, area events and foodie blog posts.


Contact Agent Rising today for your
personalized website, online marketing and social media management!

Marketing With Videos!

agent rising teaches video

Videos are a powerful way to market to your audience, and the possibilities are endless! You can create a video to market a specific property, highlight a happy customer or share information. But it seems that most people shy away from videos, whether it be fear of the unknown or it’s possible they’re camera shy. So we did some research and came up with great tips on how to start creating videos.
1. Define your audience– before you even
pick up the camera and begin filming you need to decide who you want to reach.
2. Define your goal-decide what message you are trying to get across to your audience and how.

3. Pick a topic that has done well in a different format and convert that into a video!– Can’t think of anything new for a video? Use something you’ve already created, such as a video for a blog post that’s already been written.
4. Record yourself reading your script– Use your phone or whatever tool you have and practice!
5. Embed your video into your blog, website or share the link on your social networks– Share with your target audience and look for feedback.
For more information on the camera feature on your phone check out Agent Rising Scorecards!

Coming Soon!



Here is a small preview of new Note Cards that will soon be available for purchase. Sending cards is a great way to stay connected with old clients, send a thank you note to a current client or follow a lead with a handwritten note. Sending a personalized note to someone is always appreciated and shows that you are dedicated and take the time to make them feel special.


Check out Agent Rising Scorecards for more great tips!

Real Estate Prelicensing Class Starting Soon!

agent rising real estate school

Real Estate Prelicensing Class Starts soon!

Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent? With home prices rising now is an exciting time to jump into the market! We will be starting a new pre-licensing class on August 8th at 5:00 pm 31 Center St. Fairhaven, MA. We hope to see you there!


For more information on the school click here, please call 508.997.8844 with any questions.

Going Paperless- New Trend in Real Estate!

With our fast paced lives and busy schedules going paperless makes an agents life even easier! Pulling up important forms and documents on your iPad, getting an electronic signature on the spot and making sure everything is uploaded to your Google Drive will help you stay organized and make your more time efficient!

Teaching agents to go paperless can be challenging today; with busy schedules and experienced agents some people may not have the time or might not want to change their ways. A lot of people find it difficult to transition into the paperless world and like to have a hard copy of everything.

According to Anita Head, president of Paragon Real Estate, “people will adopt anything if it’s going to help them be more efficient, achieve a better quality of life and enhance their business.”
Apps like Docusign Ink, Genius Scan and Evernote can make life on the road for Realtors even easier. These apps allow you to obtain a mobile signature, scan and send important documents and take notes from any location.
While it may take some time for people to get comfortable using new technology, it will be beneficial in the long run.
Check out Agent Rising for additional training tips and advice on going paperless.


Marketing Skills Matter!


Marketing Skills Matter!

You have several different options when deciding how to start marketing; no matter where readers are seeing your material, careful and creative writing is what makes it effective. As a real estate agent, you add is typically your first line of communication with your customer and it is important to make a good first impression. So how do you know where to begin? Lets take a look at a few key points:

A clear catchy headline– create a headline that will grab someone’s attention and make them want to read on.

Make it local– be sure to highlight your knowledge of the area by pointing out local assets of the property.

Be creative– make sure your content stands out from others, this is a great opportunity to point out anything special about the home and make the reader feel like they can picture themselves there.

Quality photos– while most of us aren’t professional photographers, it is important to take the time to make the pictures look great. This means preparing the scene, making sure the lighting is good. It is always a good idea to inspect the photos after taking them before posting them for others to see.

Include a call to action!- suggest that the reader contact you for more information, or stop by your next open house.

Proofread– make sure there are no errors before posting your material, if necessary have someone else read over it first.


With these great tips you should be on your way to successful marketing. Check out Agent Rising Scorecards for more great tips!

New Trend in Real Estate- Facebook Marketing!


A new trend in Real Estate is agents marketing properties through Facebook groups before posting on the MLS.

Currently brokers and agents in 13 markets are using private Facebook groups through to market new listings to other agents. According to Inman News, “Founder Frank Llosa, broker-owner of Falls Church VA based Frankly Real Estate Inc. hopes the network will attract 10-15% of all listings and thousands of agents in each market where it operates. Once the network generates some traction, Llosa envisions developing a consmer-facing website to house the network that would generate a referral fee if a buyer, who didn’t already have an agent, came to the site and wanted to be matched with a member agent.”


The idea is to generate a conversation about a property before it even hits the MLS, resulting in early showings and offers and leverage negotiation. In order to become a member of this group you first have to send a friend request to Llosa, he will confirm if the person is an agent before allowing them to join.
There are currently 13 metro areas participating in this exclusive Facebook group including Washington D.C., Virginia, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Miami and Orange County. The Virginia group is currently the only group which has enough mass to really allow the process to work. The group posts approximately 15 “coming soon” properties a day and two deals have been completed in network so far.

at the NAR midyear meeting in May, “he’s worried about the effects pocket listings could have on the industry.” Llosa argues that allows agents to market their listings to other brokers and thinks it is more related to off MLS listings than pocket listings.

So what should we take away from this? Make sure you do your homework, pre-listing on Facebook might work for you and your clients and it might not. This could allow for additional marketing or a “sneak peek” into a house to generate some buzz before it hits the market resulting in more interest. Some clients might not be interested in this unique approach and would prefer their property go straight to MLS. Talk to your client and decide the best coarse of action for you.
Visit us as Agent Rising for great social media and Facebook training!