First Impressions are Important!

futurecreateThe Seven First Impressions You Make

1. Your bio/intro/ application/resume.  Have a professional picture taken and have someone proof it.  This letter should be in your CMA

2. Your Social Self: Your emails should have a clean signature that is on all of them.  GMail can come from business email address.  Spell check.  Complete sentences. Always a thank you.  Is Your Facebook a good impression?  People check this and references always.  Google Yourself.  Do you like what you find?

3. Your Vehicle:  Is it Clean and Organized?

4. Your Appearance:  Plan on running into a client wherever you go.  “If a person is poorly dressed, you notice the clothing: but if they are impeccably dressed, you notice the person.”  Are the clothes you are  wearing projecting the message you want to send?  What does your briefcase/bag say?

5. Carriage of Self.  Your ABC’s :    Attitude, body language and congruence.  In face to face communication, people give the most credibility to what they see, next to voice tone, and least to the words they are hearing.  If your words and body language aren’t saying the same thing, people are apt to get confused.

6. Your Handshake:  when you shake hands, people make immediate judgements about your character and level of confidence.  A handshake should be firm, quick, and respectful.  Hard, but not too hard, definitely not too soft.  Err on the hard side.  Consider the 2-handed handshake, where you are touching their forearm with your other hand.

7.  Your followup:   thank You note/ small gift. Send out Cards.  An unexpected card or gift is one of the most powerful and unforgettable actions you can take.

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5 Tips To Launch Your Real Estate Career!

Agent Rising 1. Treat it like a Job. Go to work at 9 am (or whatever your designated “working hours” are) and start your day. Offer to help with what is needed. Dress and act professionally. Act “AS IF”.


2. Follow a training Plan. Whatever your sales training is, do it the way it is laid out for you. Don’t get creative or skip corners. If your company does not provide a training program, use other resources to follow one. Make your car a traveling classroom.


3. Join a Committee at the Board of Realtors. Become embedded in your professional board. Take advantage of what State and National Associations of Realtors has to offer. Treat other Realtors as your A+ customers. Go to events!


4. Volunteer on a Local Level. Become an integral part of your community. Southcoast- Serves ( has many volunteer opportunities if you don’t have any favorites. There is a GRNBAR committee for Community Service.


5. Become Dedicated and Informed. Work toward certifications, Follow Real Estate News through sources like Inman News, Bloomsberg, and MAR and NAR. Get on their email news flashes.


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Bold Moves Real Estate Donates to Toys for Tots!

DSC_0012      Bold Moves Real Estate has been collecting unwrapped toys for the local Toys for Tots Initiative.  We are proud to say that we have had an amazing response from the local realtors and community.

      Bold Moves Real Estate had its Grand Opening at the Bold Welcome Center on November 22, 2013 on 145  Fairhaven Rd. Mattapoisett, MA.  The Bold Moves Welcome Center includes Bold Moves Real Estate, Beyond Bold Media, and Agent Rising.
      We had a great turnout and were happy to say that many visitors brought along a toy for our Toys for Tots box.  We have also been receiving a generous amount of toys from our own realtors,
local realtors, and the community in general.
       We are very happy with the turnout and today, Sandy King, one of our realtors, brought the big box full of toys to the State Police Barracks in Dartmouth, MA where they will be distributed to children in need.  It really is a great program and we’d like to thank all the people who contributed and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas Season from Bold Moves Real Estate, Beyond Bold Media and Agent  Rising. We hope everyone enjoys this time with their family and friends.
    Please call us with any of your real estate needs!    508-997-8844
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Stress and the holidays!

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Buying and selling real estate is stressful for you as well as your clients during the holidays. You want to remain professional but also impart some holiday cheer and help your client through the whole process. Here are some tips for them.
. Decorate but in a simple way. You want the home to look festive but not cluttered, so the buyer can really see the house. Decorating the front door is always welcoming as well as adding some real greens and fruit placed in a couple of festive bowls will scent the home in a natural way. Once again, less is more. A bowl of ornaments in one color scheme coordinated with place settings on the table makes for a nice display.
It may be easier for your family to keep their homemade and precious decorations stored away and instead concentrate on a certain theme and color scheme they’d like to use and decorate accordingly.
Showings are another area that can cause stress for yourself and your clients. Try to have the family pick one or two days that work best for them and cluster the showings if at all possible. This leaves time for them to spend hosting a party or attending a holiday event. Communicate all this before the holidays so you have a plan in place when the days become hectic and busy. Also, encourage them to do all the necessary repairs and updates before the holidays, which eliminates a lot of the stress.
As realtors, we also have our own stress to deal with. You probably have one or more listings that you need to nurture during this holiday season. Set realistic expectations on what you can accomplish during the holidays and prioritize what is most important to you to accomplish. It’s okay if you don’t attend every holiday party. Instead set aside time to spend with family and friends and it’s okay to turn off your phone. There is always tomorrow.

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Why should you encourage your sellers to list their house during the holidays?

Agent Rising

The holidays are stressful enough without adding selling a house to the mix, but there are some valid reasons why you should consider encouraging your sellers to put their house on the market during the holidays rather than after. Holiday shoppers are serious buyers or they wouldn’t be taking the time to look over the holidays. Also,there are less houses on the market in December. Some people take their houses off the market and others are waiting until January to put theirs on. This makes their house more desirable. Once January comes, there will be much more inventory for buyers to choose from.
Houses always look better over the holidays. Buyers tend to be more emotional and a tastefully decorated house might just be what they are looking for. Other buyers may need to buy before the end of the year for tax purposes or because they may need to move to accommodate a new job at the beginning of the new year.
Many buyers are also on vacation during the holidays and have more time for house hunting. You can help your clients keep some peace through the month by controlling their showings by making it unavailable during the Christmas week to give them time with their family during the holidays and delay the closing until the New Year. This will also help you keep your sanity and enjoy time with your family as well. Another benefit is if they will be looking for a new house, they will not have to worry about a contingency, which usually makes their offer less enticing.
Make your plans now and enjoy the holidays, as well as successfully helping your seller move their house in this busy season.
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