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BOLD Moves Real Estate Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary


BOLD Moves Real Estate celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary this month with a wonderful party for all the BOLDIES and their families hosted by Michelle Saltmarsh at her beautiful home in Mattapoisett.  Broker/owner Kate Lanagan MacGregor stated two main reasons for their success.  Professionally, she credits a deep commitment to excellence.  Personally, she shared that BOLD Moves Associates, affectionately called BOLDIES, are like a tribe, protecting one another and supporting the common goals.  With almost no turnover, she believes the culture of   ‘loving what you do’ and associates’ encouragement for their own authentic branding are the strategic differentiators of BOLD Moves Real Estate!  Each BOLDIE knows they are not alone in their career.  Everyone looks out for one another and has ‘each other’s back’.  There is nothing this tribe cannot accomplish together.

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This blog was posted on on July 19, 2016.

Agent Rising Real Estate School

Agent Rising Real Estate School Classes

Agent Rising Real Estate School

Become a real estate agent with Agent Rising Real Estate School.  Classes have just started but Agent Rising has a rolling admission policy.  Don’t despair if you missed the latest start-up date.   You can start your classes to becoming a real estate agent at any point.

Visit the Agent Rising Real Estate School  to experience the most convenient and flexible school available. Workshops, and independent learning at our BOLD Welcome Center can help you create the perfect schedule and learning opportunities.

We make use of IPad, Video, Power Point, Audio, Hands On, Flash Cards, and other learning tools to fit your learning style and ensure your success!

We also invite you to total immersion by being part of the BOLD Moves Real Estate culture, joining us for Sales Meetings, and working your independent learning hours in the hub of activity. Start your business building from day 1! See first hand what it feels like to be in this amazing profession!

Just give Marie a call at 508-207-3186 or visit for more information.


Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo

Kate at expo

The Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo was held last Wednesday, May 4th at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford, MA.  This conference is designed for realtors with tips and strategies to get the most return out of your investment.  The conference was packed with informative sessions and incredible speakers from local companies.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor from BOLD Moves Real Estate, Beyond BOLD Media and Agent Rising Real Estate School was one of the scheduled speakers.  BOLDIES from BOLD Moves Real Estate were in attendance to listen to Kate’s informative sessions:

What’s Your Webutation?   Discovering your online reputation and using tools to create and support the webutation you’d like to portray online.  The tools include Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, Periscope, Instagram and Snap Chat.

Gratitude Marketing.  As high tech as Kate is, she still believes in balancing technology with high touch marketing.  This means personal heartfelt,  hand written notes to people you interact with on a daily basis.  She shows how to create a marketing system and get into the habit of a handwritten note a day in her BOLD Day Challenge.

The conference made for a great day of real estate learning and interacting with fellow real estate agents and all the people involved in the industry.

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Betty Tripanier

BOLD Moves Real Estate Welcomes Betty Tripanier

Betty TripanierBOLD Moves Real Estate is pleased to introduce Betty Tripanier, new agent.  Elizabeth (Betty) Tripanier has lived in Rochester with her husband Edgar for 38 years. She originally grew up in Fairhaven.  Betty has three incredible grown children, 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Betty is excited to have a great new opportunity to work with The BOLD Moves Team.  She has worked in Cooperate America for Avon Products as a District Sales Manager  for over twenty years.

Currently Betty and her husband  own and operate NEVER HOME BAIT AND TACKLE and have for the past 12 years.

She  will do her best to treat you with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.  Buying a home is one of your most important life events.   Let Betty help your Dreams be Bright and Bold.

Call or Text Betty at 508-728-7997

Realtor, Broker,Bonded

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Make Your Photos Pop

photosIf you’re looking to set your photos apart from the rest or just want to have fun with your images, here are some apps that will make your pictures pop.

Mattapoisett Local Sentinel

Posted Apr 17, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Updated Apr 17, 2016 at 7:32 PM


One of the best features of owning a smartphone is having the ability to have a camera on you at all times. Whether you use that camera for snapping selfies, taking family pictures or capturing a beautiful sunset, smartphone-camera technology has allowed even the most novice of users the chance to feel like a professional photographer. But if you’re looking to set your photos apart from the rest or just want to have fun with your images, here are some apps that will make your pictures pop.
Color Splash: Many smartphones and photo editing apps allow users to convert their images to grayscale, but Color Splash allows you to do exactly what the app’s name says — add a splash of color to your black and white photos. Color Splash converts your photo to grayscale while keeping the details you wish to keep in color. Cost: $0.99 to download on iOS and Android. Find it: pocket
Luminance: This app features easy use for the novice and advanced use for those who are looking for heavy editing of their photos. The app includes its own library with iCloud backup, non-destructive editing and cropping, adjustment options and a variety of customizable pre-made filters. Luminance also features an adjustment on/off switch and a dedicated history section. Cost: $0.99 to download on iOS. Find it:
Magic Shutter: If you’re a fan of long exposure shots, you don’t need a professional camera to pull it off. Magic Shutter allows you to control the shutter speed on your iPhone or iPad. You can expertly create blurring and double exposure pictures as well. You can preview the results and the Smart Exposure feature lets you take long exposure pictures without the risk of over-exposing the image. Cost: $2.99 to download on iOS. Find it:
Autodesk Pixlr: This app lets you transform your photos into works of art with more than two million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters. You can also fine tune your photos with the Influence Masks feature, which allows you to control how the effects are applied to specific areas of the image. You can even turn your photos into works of art with effects like crosshatch, halftone and dapple. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it:
Featured App
Ultratext: If you’re bored with standard emojis or you really, really want to get your point across through a text message, then Ultratext is the app for you. This app creates flashing neon messages with the words you type and you can also add emojis and photos from your phone. Just type your words in the box given and Ultratext turns your message into a looping animation. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it: ultra

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This blog was posted on on April 18, 2016.

Meet Dawn Devlin, BOLD Moves Agency’s Newest Agent

Dawn DevlinMeet BOLD Moves Real Estate’s Newest Agent, Dawn Devlin.

The relationship between a home buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding. I strive to continually improve and to do this I listen and take your needs and wants into consideration.

I am a member of MAR, NAR and MLSpin. I am also W.H.A.L.E certified as a Historic Home Specialist and E-Pro certified. One of the things I am doing in this ever changing market is aggressively pursuing business from the internet. Along with reaching buyers and sellers I am always searching for new and innovated ways to help buyers and sellers fulfill their dreams.

I work with buyers and sellers and develop long lasting relationships. Along with using the internet I will use all avenues such as attending seminars, mailings, ad print in all local papers and advertising in selected magazines to make your real estate experience the best it can be.

I reside in the seaside town of Fairhaven with my husband. I hold a degree in accounting and computer science. I have been a Realtor for many years and I am an active member in my community.

I am also looking forward to beginning my career as a licensed real estate instructor.  Past involvements as School Council Member, Technology Council, Finance Committee member,  along with coaching softball, soccer and being a dance mom have enabled me to gain the respect and trust within the community.
My family and I are avid sailors and I look forward to helping you chart your course for all your real estate needs.

I’d love to hear from you!


Phone/Text 508-287-5291

Agent Rising

Agent Rising and Expanding Your Datatbase

Agent RisingExpanding your database should be an “all the time” activity. You should be working on growing it all the time!Whether it is called floor time, up time or anything else, time spent in your real estate office can be time well spent, but only you can make it that way. Each phone call or walk-in about a listing is an opportunity for you! The key is to be prepared to ask the right questions. The more you can find out about that individual, the better. You have to be comfortable asking questions sincerely so that the person does not feel that you are prying but that you are really trying to help.

Be careful not to judge anyone too quickly. That gruff, skeptical voice on the phone or that oddly dressed individual who walks in off the street could turn into a lifetime client, if you can connect with them in a short amount of time. They are looking for someone whom they can trust, and you want to be that person. Here is where you need to ask questions to find out what their needs are and then be ready to show them that you can meet their needs.

Prepare in advance for these situations – make a list of questions that you can ask either on the phone or in person, practice them with someone until they come to you naturally. Lead the potential client to the point where they are comfortable giving you their contact information so that you can be the person they think of when they need a real estate expert.
Spend time in the office – if you are assigned weekly floor time, this will be easy. If you feel you could use more time, then volunteer to take someone else’s time. Make yourself available as much as possible.
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Marketing Skills Matter



Marketing Skills Matter!

You have several different options when deciding how to start marketing; no matter where readers are seeing your material, careful and creative writing is what makes it effective. As a real estate agent, your add is typically your first line of communication with your customer and it is important to make a good first impression. So how do you know where to begin? Lets take a look at a few key points:

A clear catchy headline– create a headline that will grab someone’s attention and make them want to read on.

Make it local– be sure to highlight your knowledge of the area by pointing out local assets of the property.

Be creative– make sure your content stands out from others, this is a great opportunity to point out anything special about the home and make the reader feel like they can picture themselves there.

Quality photos– while most of us aren’t professional photographers, it is important to take the time to make the pictures look great. This means preparing the scene, making sure the lighting is good. It is always a good idea to inspect the photos after taking them before posting them for others to see.

Include a call to action!- suggest that the reader contact you for more information, or stop by your next open house.

Proofread– make sure there are no errors before posting your material, if necessary have someone else read over it first.

Whether you’re creating an Open House Ad, a Listing Description, Just Listed or Sold Cards or even your business cards, these tips can help you put your best product forward and create a quality product.

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