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Care About Your Community!

BOLDIES delivering turkeysUnderneath it all, real estate is about relationships and about people believing that you care about them and will do well by them.  What better way to show that then to be involved in your community, allowing people to see that for themselves.  Then, when they come to you about a real estate issue or transaction, they already see you as a caring, involved individual who just happens to be a real estate professional.  It truly doesn’t matter what you choose to be involved in.  You can coach a team, sit on a committee, volunteer at a school, or read to the blind.  What matters is that your neighbors and co-volunteers get to know you and believe in you.
The best part is that getting involved in your community not only makes good business sense, it also makes good personal sense.  Giving of yourself without expectations will make you happier and healthier.  It truly will!  When you help others you really are helping yourself as well.  Try it and see!
Get involved!   You may have an interest or hobby that you can teach to others.  You may have a talent for accounting or designing websites that you can offer to a local non-profit in need.  You may love to rise early, so you could serve breakfast at a church to those in need.  Take some time to investigate what might work with your talents and available time and then dive in!  There are even websites that match volunteers to positions.  Start small, don’t overwhelm yourself, but start.  You will be glad that you did!
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Maps App

Maps App!

Maps AppAn invaluable App to use in real estate is the Maps App which comes on your iPad
and iPhone, it’s like having your own GPS.

1.  Simply tap on the Maps Icon to open, In the upper right corner is a search box.  Tap on
it and type in the address you are seeking. It will come up on a map with a pin showing your
destination. You can make the map bigger or smaller by pinching your fingers on the screen.

2.  Then tap on Directions in the upper left corner and a box will open. Type in your present
starting address and pick the car, person, or bus icon depending on the route you would
If you tap on the car icon and then type in the destination address, and then route, a
new map will come up with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 routes to your destination.

Tap on the route you choose and then tap start. The directions will come up on the top
your screen and you can scroll through them as you drive.

As you drive to your destination in your car, the arrow will show you moving along your route; it will give you verbal directions also if you have Siri
enabled on your IPad or IPhone.  You can go back to the overview map by simply hitting the overview icon in the right top corner, hit resume in the
upper right corner to resume your directions.

When you reach your destination, the box to enter your address will appear and you can hit the arrow to reverse the directions and get back home.

If you need to use your phone while enroute, you can simply press the home button and use your phone as you need.  The MAPS route you are following
will stay as a bar on the top of the screen and you can tap it when you are ready to resume.

This is a great app to  guide to your real estate destinations easily without having to purchase an GPS, It’s very easy to use and will assure you’ll
arrive in a timely manner at your desination.  It will tell you the approximate time it will take to travel and mileage.  A great help in your real estate
career or everyday use.

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Google +. BOLD Moves Real Estate

Google +

Google +. BOLD Moves Real EstateThis is basically Google’s version of Facebook. However, there are some perks that
Facebook doesn’t offer. Google+ allows you to organize your friends, colleagues,
and buyers in to circles. You can then monitor what information you post can be
seen by each circle. Let’s get started!

1. If you have already have a google account go ahead and sign in. If not head on over to
google and sign up!

2. Make sure that you have created your profile – Click on the profile page and enter in your
desired information

3. The circle interface is split into two sections; the top – section lists all contacts from your
Gmail address book, and the bottom section contains the circles

4. Pre-designed circles include: friends, family, acquaintances etc. – You can also make up
your own circles. To do this,  drag a contact onto the empty circle and click on the Create Circle link. Then add a description of  the circle, press
the create button and that’s it.

5. To add contacts: – Simply dragging the contact’s card to the circle  you’d like to place them in. – You can also remove it from the circle by
dragging it out.

6. A contact is allowed to be included in more than one circle

7. To view the contacts in the circle, simply hover over the circle and you will see who is in the circle.
If you have more than a dozen contacts in the  circle, click on the circle to see a list of contacts.

8. Adding people who are not in your address book is simple too Click on the find people search box – The find people option also gives you other
places to find people you want to add to your circles

9. Once your circles are created you can edit the privacy level for each one – You can create your own privacy level by selecting  custom

To learn more about the different features that Google+ has to offer be sure to check out for more helpful tips!

Docusign, Agent Rising

Docusign App!

Docusign, Agent RisingAn essential tool for any agent, allowing you to obtain signatures right on the spot!
Gone are the days of pen and paper.

Docusign signatures are easy, secure and legally binding.

1. First things first: Go to the App Store and add the free Docusign app. Once the app is
yours open it and create a profile. You can add your picture, job title and business, address
etc. It will also prompt you to create your signature, and initials to use to sign documents.

2. Make sure you have created your document to be signed to be used in Docusign Ink.

3. E-mail the document to yourself so that it can be accessed on your iPad. Make sure the document is in a PDF format.

4. There are two ways to move these documents into Docusign Ink: – Tap on your PDF in your email and  open it up to
view it. Tap on document and an Icon will appear in the Right Top corner with Arrow. Tap on it and it will give you options. Tap
on the Docusign Ink icon. It will open the document in Docusign Ink. Swipe your whole screen with four fingers and  swipe to the
left to get back to the document in your email. Press done in left upper corner.

– The second way to do this is to hold your finger on PDF until the window opens with the same options as  the first way. This is a
shortcut. If Docusign is not in this box, swipe to the next page to see if it is there. Open in Docusign Ink is an option once you add
the app.

5. You will have two options: Sign immediately or Add to Current Document.

6. Once you have the document open click Add Recipient in the top right corner(you can add multiple recipients).

7. Enter the buyers name and e-mail address

8. You will be prompted to sign the document first. When you are done click finish.

9. The buyer will be prompted to sign next click the signature they can either: – Draw their Signature.  – Take a picture of their signature.

10.  Once the buyer has tapped finished you can have the document e-mailed to yourself or completed documents can be sent to your
dropbox or google drive or evernote etc.

If your buyer is not present you may also e-mail the document to

1. Click the get signatures icon on the right side.

2. In the Remote Signers box put the buyers name and e-mail in.

3. When finished click send.

You now have the knowledge to utilize a great tool to use for signing documents right on your iPad! For more tips on great tools
for realtors keep checking back to Agent Rising!

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mortgage calculator, agent rising

Mortgage Calcultator App!

mortgage calculator, agent risingThere are so many apps that are beneficial to the real estate industry. One that
we found is The Mortgage Payment Calculator App, the best part about it is it’s
This app is effective because it allows you to show the buyer what their
monthly mortgage payments will look like. Head on over to the App Store and
let’s get started! The Mortgage Payment Calculator we’re talking about has a
little green house on it. Once you’ve downloaded it we can begin.

1. Tap on the icon to open it up

2. The variables are located on the left hand side and can be adjusted

3. By simply tapping the line you can input the Purchase Price. Instead of tapping the line
you can also use your Tab key on your Keyboard. The same process is done for the following
variables as well: Down payment, Interest Rate, Amorization Rate, Property Tax ,PMI, and HOA.
You may also factor in other expenses like Insurance

4. Once you press tab and the Calculator works its magic. It will display the amount before extra expense and the amount after the expenses

5. You have the ability to change your variable amounts (down payment, interest rate, amorization rate, ect.) and it will recalculate the monthly payment
depending on each change

Sharing the information is simple as well, if the buyer is not with you a Snapshot of your screen can be sent via e-mail:

1. To take a Snapshot: Simply Press your Home button on the front of the  screen and press your Power button on the side of your IPad at the same time-
you will see a Flash.

2. Once you’ve captured the image the screen shot will be in your Photo Roll.

3. Tap your Photo App and find the Mortgage Calculator screen shot you just took.

4. To make any changes tap Edit.

5. When you are satisfied with your image Tap the Share icon in the upper right corner of screen.

6. It will give you several options to share such as Email, Facebook, etc.

7. To Email- Tap Mail and a window will open.

8. Enter in the buyers e-mail address and hit send!

To find some other helpful apps and how to use them check out Agent Rising for all of our iPad tutorials at

skitch, agent rising


skitch, agent risingSkitch

This is a great app to use in conjunction with Evernote, the app allows you to capture
and annotate images all from your iPad. Once installed it will create a folder in Evernote
entitled ‘Skitch’. Use this app to help highlight an exciting feature of a home while you’re
in the field that can be easily messaged to the buyer!

1.Tap on the Skitch App. When the app loads you can either: – Sign in with a passwordOr opt
to do it later

2. It gives you many choices to either, take a photo, choose a photo, draw on a map, start with blank
or capture from web.

3. We’ll start with Draw on a map. Type in an address and press Search. It will drop a pin at the
location you’ve entered Zoom in as close as you want with your fingers.

4. Press Snap.

5. On the right is the Toolbar Arrow- will drop in arrow of your color choice. Press arrow icon and then tap on the map where you want to put and arrow. Press
and hold arrow, box will open to delete, cut or copy arrow

You can also write text: – Tap the A, and then tap the map – When the keyboard appears type the information that you want visible on the map – When finished simply tap the keyboard – again to close and your text box will appear on the map – If you’d like to move the placement of the text simply use your finger to re- adjust

Square- can add shapes: – Tap the square to open the feature – Choose your shape and then tap on the map where you would like it to go. Your shape appears. – To delete press and hold. Marker- can freehand write, Pick a marker to write.

6. Undo is located at the top of the screen to remove any mistakes.

7. Be sure to tap Save when you are done.

8. To hide the Toolbar when you are finished simply try if retapping will bring it back.

9. To Share or Email your Skitch tap the Share icon The same process can be used when choosing a photo, starting blank, or capturing from the web. Just follow the steps from above and soon your Skitches will be ready to e-mail or shared to the web!

To learn more about what you can do in Evernote be sure to check out more of our iPad Training tutorials!

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agent rising, ipad training


agent rising, ipad trainingVideolicious-The name says it all!

Videolicious is a great App for Realtors as well as anyone who would like to
make an easy, professional slide show video to share with all the social media
or simply family and friends.

Simply download the free App and you are ready to go.  Once you have downloaded
and installed the App, it will prompt you to start an account.  You can do that now
or continue on and do that later.

1. First choose your shots. If you are unsure how to proceed, there is a little cap in
the bottom right corner which will give you more info.

  • Tap on choose shots, your camera roll will come up, tap it and choose the pictures you would like to use. It will order them as you pick
    them. If you are unhappy with the order, simply untap the pictures and change the order.
  • You can also hit the camera icon in the lower left corner and take new pictures to add to your camera roll to use in your video. Once you
    have chosen the shots you would like to use, you can hit edit and tap on the photo you would like to edit. You can change the position with
    your fingers and hit save.  You can edit any picture or simply   them as is.

2. Telling your story. Press record, then tap on the thumbnail to narrate over your shots.  You can tap on your face to switch back to you
after your last shot and end with a shot of yourself.  You can also just record a voiceover or import a previously
recorded story.  Once
again tap on the right
lower cap for more info.

  • If you don’t want to add a story, simply press skip in the upper right corner.

3. Choose your music. You can choose theme music from:

  • Videolicious or songs already on your ipad.
  • Now press the play icon and see and hear your video slideshow. It’s that easy. You can also play around with the filter button in the lower right
    corner for different lighting to your slideshow.  If you like it save it, if not, go back and change any part.

4. Set the video size.

5. Name your video and then it will give you options to email it, share it with facebook, youtube, and twitter.

  • Make sure you hit save in the upper right hand corner. It will process the video.
  • The next screen will allow you to share it.

The free app will give you a 1 minute video with 10 shots and you can store up to 20 videos.  If you want to upgrade to the business app, it is $5 a month
or $60 for the year and you can do up to a 10 minute video with 100 shots and 100 video storage.  You can also add your logo and have unbranded video
pages and commercial music library.

Whether you are making a slideshow of a house you are listing to share on your facebook business pages or youtube or twitter or simply making a
video of your family to share with family and friends, Videolicious offers a very easy, quick way to make a quality video which  looks very professional
and can literally be accomplished in 15 minutes.  Check it out!

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agent rising, ipad training

iPad Training!

agent rising, ipad trainingIpads are everywhere and learning to use your IPad to help you personally and professionally
opens up a whole new world.

Personally, there are many ways your IPad, which can help you in your day to day life as well as provide
entertainment. You can use your calendar to keep track of your appointments, download your own music,
as well as listen to radio online, check your email on the go, or simply go online to shop or use Google to
look up a myriad of subjects.

You can also use the maps to look up destinations or you can download a free GPS App to get you where
you need to go. Of course there are also lots of free games to download for your entertainment, as well
as a camera to take quality photos and videos that you can share through email and Facebook or Twitter.
It’s an easy way to Tweet and keep up with your Facebook and Google Circle Friends on the go. You can
check the weather or even download and read books and magazines through IBooks.

Professionally, there are so many reasons to use your IPad in your business. As a Realtor, there are many
Apps you can download to make your business run smoothly
and efficiently and practically paperless.

Docusign is a great App to use to with clients who can’t be present to sign an important document. Everything is done online on the IPad and
saves much travel time. You can look up a property a client is interested in minutes and find out information on homes in the area with a simple
tap. is a great App to use for this.

Mortgage Calculator to show someone their monthly payments on a house they are looking at or use the Cam Scanner to scan in a document
needed for an offer or other transaction. Most Apps are free or are fairly inexpensive to purchase. You can download Apps such as Videoliscious
to help you easily make a slideshow for an open house or to share with Facebook. It’s a way to really get someone’s house noticed and sold.
There is also Google to use for

uploading documents onto your cloud and sharing with your office as well as Google Hangouts to share meetings online where everyone is available
to meet and discuss even when they all can’t be physically together. The

Navigation Apps really help to find your way to client’s houses and look professional on your Buyer’s tours. You can use the notepad to keep track
of your mileage easily or take notes on a new listing. Then use your camera to take pictures and videos of the house and yard to really make a house
shine and get noticed.

Using your IPad can really make your life easier and more mobile than ever before and we are here every step of the way to help you learn to use your
IPad as seamlessly as possible with scorecards with step by step instructions to help you navigate all the Apps as well as coaching when you really are
stuck and frustrated.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come and we will soon have you using your IPad like a Pro.

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Agent Rising Real Estate School to Start New Classes!

Agent Rising Real Estate School located at the Bold Welcome Center on 145 Fairhaven Rd., Mattapoisett, MA will be starting a new series of classes starting January 7th, 2015.    Are you looking for a new career with flexible hours, meeting new people, and helping them find the house of their dreams?   This may be the career for you.   Forty hours of class are required before you take the test.  Agent Rising Real Estate School combines good old-fashioned round-table learning with up to the minute technological training modules online as well as IPad learning  and good old paper books.  You learn at your pace with the tools you are comfortable with.

Watch this great video as Kate Lanagan MacGregor tells you more about the class and how to enroll.

Call Kate at 508-763-8844 for more information. or visit us at

Command Your Brand for Less than a Grand!

Agent RisingWhat does this mean?  This is Agent Rising’s 7 Strategies for Success for New Agents.

This includes Serve, Start, Systemize, Support, Stay, Strengthen, and  Sell!

Why are You Here/

In 2011, Massachusetts Association of Realtors completed a survey.

The results found were that a high number of Realtors left before a  three year period.

Many newer Realtors asked for more New Agent Training.

This resulted in a Strategic Pan for a Mentor Program with New Agent Training.

Every week we’ll talk about one of the Seven Strategies for Success.  This will help you distinguish yourself in your marketplace with little or no experience NOW, all for less than one thousand dollars to start!

What do you want to do?  How are you going to do it?  Have a Purpose!

The first Strategy for Success is Serve!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Mahatma Gandhi

How can you help in your niche vs. what’s in it for you?

Contribution VS. Entitlement

Help others and the rest will follow.

Become active in organizations- Some brand /nice related. Some as needed by community

Service as a first and always step

“Help enough people get what they want and you naturally get what you want” Zig Ziglar

Principle of Abundance!

Abundance means for us that there is more than enough to go around.  When we practice that there is enough…business, time, fun, we leave out the feelings of scarcity and create abundance.  There is no competition.  Someone chooses you because you best fit them.  You do not beat someone out of a listing…You do not lose out to them.  You simply did not fit.  Find your fit in your branding!

Look for our Second strategy for Success next week and visit us at for more new agent information.

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