Stress and the holidays!

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Buying and selling real estate is stressful for you as well as your clients during the holidays. You want to remain professional but also impart some holiday cheer and help your client through the whole process. Here are some tips for them.
. Decorate but in a simple way. You want the home to look festive but not cluttered, so the buyer can really see the house. Decorating the front door is always welcoming as well as adding some real greens and fruit placed in a couple of festive bowls will scent the home in a natural way. Once again, less is more. A bowl of ornaments in one color scheme coordinated with place settings on the table makes for a nice display.
It may be easier for your family to keep their homemade and precious decorations stored away and instead concentrate on a certain theme and color scheme they’d like to use and decorate accordingly.
Showings are another area that can cause stress for yourself and your clients. Try to have the family pick one or two days that work best for them and cluster the showings if at all possible. This leaves time for them to spend hosting a party or attending a holiday event. Communicate all this before the holidays so you have a plan in place when the days become hectic and busy. Also, encourage them to do all the necessary repairs and updates before the holidays, which eliminates a lot of the stress.
As realtors, we also have our own stress to deal with. You probably have one or more listings that you need to nurture during this holiday season. Set realistic expectations on what you can accomplish during the holidays and prioritize what is most important to you to accomplish. It’s okay if you don’t attend every holiday party. Instead set aside time to spend with family and friends and it’s okay to turn off your phone. There is always tomorrow.

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Bold Moves Real Estate and the importance of Elevation Certificates!

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What is an Elevation Certificate and what does that have to do with flood insurance? An Elevation Certificate is an important tool that documents a building’s elevation. Any property bought after July 6, 2012, will need an Elevation Certificate, or if your client is planning on selling their home and it is in a high risk flood zone, they will also need an Elevation Certificate. The insurance company will use the Elevation Certificate to make sure their premium accurately reflects their risk.
The insurance agent will use the Elevation Certificate to compare the building’s elevation to the Base Flood Elevation(BFE). The BFE identifies how high the water is likely to rise in a base flood. The land area of the base flood is called the Special Flood Hazard Area or high-risk zone. The flood insurance rates in a high-risk zone (Letter A or V), are based on a building’s elevation above or below the BFE.
Basically, in high-risk zones, the higher above the BFE a building is located, the lower the insurance premiums. The elevation certificate will determine this. In moderate to low-risk zones, (B,C, or X), rates are not based on elevation, so an Elevation Certificate may not be necessary.
How do you go about getting an Elevation Certificate? You can ask your local floodplain manager if the property’s elevation information is on file. If so, the community floodplain manager can complete the Elevation Certificate for you. If not, they will need to hire a State-licensed surveyor to obtain an Elevation Certificate. Also, when building new homes the higher you are above the BFE, the lower your insurance premiums.
We at Agent Rising are here to help with some of these confusing issues. We can help point you in the right direction to answer all of these questions and help you assist your clients in buying or selling homes in potential flood zones. These issues are very confusing and vary from house to house and area to area so it is best to contact your local insurance agency for more information on Elevation Certificates and Flood Insurance and how they can help your client.
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