Develop a Taste for Technology

tech gadgetsEven new agents can find themselves with not enough time on their hands to do everything that needs to be done. In their case it isn’t because they have so many clients, it’s because they are doing everything themselves, step by step. This is where technology comes in and can actually become your unpaid assistant – although there may be some cost involved. For Realtors, earning the ePro designation is a great way to get you up to speed. But, everyone can learn if they start slowly with the basics, get comfortable with one tool at a time and keep plugging away. You might want to start with your cell phone, does it do what you need it to do? Do you have a laptop or ipad? Are you using it to its fullest potential? What software might work for you? It can be confusing at first, but we can help. For tips and advice on technology check out our technology scorecards or contact us!

Review your tech habits and commit to becoming tech savvy – it really is essential and now is the time to do it. Make a list of the technology that you are currently using, including social media. Objectively, rate yourself on your expertise in each area. Make a plan on where to start upgrading your hardware, software and user knowledge. Tackle one item at a time and get tech savvy!


Kate Lanagan MacGregor shares Agent Rising Introduction

6 Steps to Mindset Readiness~

“It’s an inside job!”

In preparing for Agent Rising tools,

Kate shares her suggestions to your approach to Rise to the Top!

The 6 Steps to Mindset Readiness

1. Practice Abundance in All that You Do.

2. Actively be in Service.

3. Do goo things with no expectation of outcome.

4. Express Specific Gratitude.

5. Deliberately practice patienceand understanding.

6. Be Kind. Show and Express your Love.

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How to get more fans on your Facebook Page


 Agent Rising~Online Real Estate TrainingWhy do you want as many fans as possible?
– More fans=more traffic to your website
– Social proof- the more likes you have, the more likely people are going to like your page
– Viral visibility- The more your fans engage the more their friends see your page in the news feeds
-Link your page to your profile
-Add a like box to your website
     – Allows people who are already interested in your business to become facebook fans
     – Go to to quickly grab code
– Make sure audience knows that you have a page
     – website, email signature, business cards, etc.
     – link you facebook page to your email signature
– Do a giveaway
     – Get more likes with a contest or giveaway
     – Make it simple- only requirement is that they have to like your page
     – Promote your giveaway on other sites to spread the word
     – Add a banner to your website to promote contest or giveaway
     – Make sure the prize connects with your business, because if it doesn’t people might just be in it for the prize and have no interest in your business
     – Facebook rule- all contests and giveaways must be done through an app
– Be seen as much as possible, but where it really matters
– Guest blog to drive more traffic to facebook and your website
– Create more videos
– Be interviewed to get more exposure
Personally, facebook has been a business surprise for me!Kate Lanagan MacGregor Agent Rising Realtor Resource
I am surprised by the number of likes I get on some personal posts. 
When I broke my back in a car accident, it was the fastest,
most effective way to get the word out that I was okay,
and the response I got from my professional contacts was
simply astounding!  Facebook for me has been a way to
show the human side of me to my professional contacts.
Don’t underestimate it’s power!  
Please call me with any questions or feedback!
Kate LanaganMacGregor 508-728-3648.

How do you Create a Video Tutorial

How do create a video tutorial!

Well, watch this video tutorial and see what they say:

This is one example; we will be following up with our own video tutorial next week!

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