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Agent Rising Real Estate School is your place to go for real estate education.  We offer all the tools you need to become a real estate agent.  Watch our online courses and webinars from the privacy of your own home or attend our next Live Bootcamp Friday, June 28th and Saturday June 29th.  Either way, we have you covered!

We also offer a Broker’s course if you are ready to take the next step in your real estate career.  Take the next step as a real estate agent and become your own boss!

We also offer continuing education credits to help you renew your license.  We offer a variety of webinars in relevant and current topics with the latest real estate trends.  Keep up to date with the changing face of real estate and earn your continuing education credits at the same time in a variety of interesting topics.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor will keep you informed and educated and watch at your own pace.  Take up where you left off and finish on your own timeline.  You’ll earn a certificate with your continuing education units.

Visit for more information and click on continuing education.  Browse through the various topics and click on one to watch the slideshow and earn your certificate.

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Real Estate Broker License

Are you a real estate professional ready to become your own boss?  Maybe it’s time to pursue your broker’s license!  Agent Rising offers an online broker course to help you pass your test and get your broker’s license.

Take the course from the privacy of your home and we supply all the tools you need to get your hours and be prepared to take the broker’s test.  We supply the books, webinars and slides along with support to  guide you through your journey.

Now is a great time to up your professionalism and take the next step in your real estate career.

Visit and find out all the details.  Let us help navigate your real estate journey.


Lamacchia Weekend Bootcamp with Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School is in the midst of a live 21 hour Weekend Bootcamp at Lamacchia Realty in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor is teaching a fun, informative class from 9:00am -7:00pm yesterday and today.  It’s a great way to get your hours in a short amount of time!

Are you ready to start your real estate career? Agent Rising has all the tools you need to complete your hours and pass your real estate exam.  We have live webinars, online classes, and also boot camp weekends, whichever fits your needs and your lifestyle.   Our course includes books and everything you need to be prepared to sit for your exam.

Now is a great time to start a real estate career!  Visit for more information and to sign up.

spring housing market

Spring Housing Market

What’s going on in the Spring Market for first time home buyers?  Home price increases are slowing down and home prices are expected to rise only 2% in the next 12 months.

While inventory is growing, the bad news is the rising inventory is with higher priced luxury homes which have been slow to sell.  Inventory of lower priced homes- $250,000 and under is still slow to rise.  Many first-time home buyers have been priced out of the market.

There is some good news.  Interest rates have dipped and many buyers are getting out of the rental market and looking to buy.  The lower interest rates can make a difference in their buying power.

Interest rates are low, unemployment is low and there has been an increase in wage growth.   This is making many first-time home buyers take a chance at getting back into the buying market.  They may find that the market is less competitive than in the past.  There is still a trend to find the “perfect house” rather than one that is “good enough.”

Many lenders are trying to make it easier for buyers to become prequalified and be ready when the “perfect house” comes along.  With all the new technology, this makes it easier than ever for buyers.

Have you always been interested in the real estate field?  Now is a great time to start your real estate career!  Visit to find out how you can get the tools you need to pass your real estate exam.

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Agent Rising is Your One-stop Real Estate School

Working as a real estate agent is a great career!  Are you thinking now might be the time to start your real estate career? Agent Rising Real Estate School has you covered.  We offer an online course with all the tools you need to pass your real estate exam.  The course includes books as well as online slide decks which cover everything you will see on the real estate exam.

The videos are informative and fun and you can access them all from the privacy of your home.  Move along at your own pace and stop and take up where you left off at any time.  Need to review?  You can go back and look over old material.  It’s a great way to get your real estate license on your own timeline.

We also offer regular classroom instruction from bootcamps to weekend warrior classes.

Agent Rising also provides continuing education credits.  Watch our online videos on a variety of subjects pertinent to your real estate career and earn the credits you need to renew your license.

Visit for more information and to sign up today.

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Mortgage Rates Drop

What is going on with mortgage rates?  Mortgage rates have dropped recently to as low as 4.06% and some lucky home buyers were able to lock in 3.99% recently.  This will jump-start the spring market even though many are predicting a recession is coming soon.

Many buyers that were priced out of the market when mortgage rates rose may now be able to get back into the market with the recent drop in rates.  This is also great for private mortgage companies who may have seen a decline in customers with the higher interest rates.

Lower mortgage rates also mean more people refinancing trying to lock in a lower rate.

With a rise in house prices, a lower mortgage rate can be a game-changer for many buyers and get them back into the housing market.

Does real estate intrigue you? Have you always contemplated a real estate career?  Now is the time to make your move.  Visit to get more information and sign up for our online classes or find out when our next Bootcamp classes will start.

Lamacchia Realty

Lamacchia Real Estate and Agent Rising Class

Have you always dreamed about starting a real estate career?  Now is a great time to start training to pass your real estate exam and start your real estate career!

Agent Rising Real Estate School is offering a 40 hour pre-licensing class.   This course is offered by Lamacchia Real Estate and powered by Agent Rising Real Estate School.  The LIVE (21) hours kicks off Saturday, April 13th and finishes at the Bootcamp Weekend, May 4th-5th.  Independent Showcase Learning hours (19) are done at your own pace.

Are you ready?  Visit for more information and to enroll.  You could be practicing real estate as soon as this summer.  Sign up today.

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Fun Real Estate Facts

Real estate is a great business.  It can be exhilarating and exasperating all at the same time.  Here are some fun facts you may not have known.

Why are so many doorknobs made of brass? Brass doorknobs can actually disinfect themselves and kill bacteria.  Other metals which have the same qualities include iron, copper and aluminum.  You can skip the hand sanitizer!

What’s the best day to list a home? While Sundays get a lot of reviews, surprisingly Thursdays and Fridays are the best days.  These houses have more property tours and sell quicker and at  a higher price.  Might be worth knowing when putting on a new listing.

In the USA, people typically burn their mortgage papers when they finally pay off their mortgage.  In Scotland, it is traditional to paint their front door red once they pay off their mortgage.

What are the best words to use when listing a house?  We always think of cozy and homey as great terms to use but if you want your house to sell faster and for a higher price, use the words gorgeous and beautiful instead.

Just a few thoughts to brighten up your day! Are you ready to make real estate your career?  Agent Rising Real Estate School has what you need with online courses as well as brick and mortar classes.  We even offer intensive two-day boot camps!

Visit and see how you can start preparing for your real estate career or call 508-9978844

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Agent Rising Real Estate School

The real estate market is hopping! Change is in the air! With all the new technology available to buyers and sellers, do they still need a real estate agent?  The answer is an emphatic yes!  Although buyers can find houses online, they still need a seasoned agent to walk them through the buying process.  They can help them find a lender and get through the pre-approval process as well as the whole buying process including negotiating a good price.

On the seller side, realtors are important to get the house out there and noticed! They can guide sellers on market value and how to position their home to sell at or above market value in a short amount of time. It’s not uncommon to have a bidding war and a seasoned agent can help navigate through the whole confusing and stress-ridden process.

Sounds like a great job! Agent Rising Real Estate School is there to help you obtain your hours and pass your real estate exam.  Whether you are looking for online courses, traditional classroom hours or a concentrated two-day event, Agent Rising has you covered.

Visit and see how you can start your journey to a real estate career.  Finances an issue?  Check out our ScholarSHARE link.

Meet Heather McKay- New Agent and Stager at BOLD Moves Real Estate

Meet Heather McKay of BOLD Moves Real Estate.  Heather is a recent graduate of Agent Rising Real Estate School. Heather is  excited to embark on her new journey as a member of the BOLD Moves Real Estate team as a Real Estate Professional and Home Stager.  By using her skills in carpentry as well as her love of repurposing, she looks forward to assisting clients in both staging their homes for sale, as well as finding the perfect fit for their future home. Buying a home is both a significant and exciting time in everyone’s life. By prioritizing your needs as well as maintaining an honest, loyal and trustworthy relationship, Heather can ensure her clients that their goals will be met! You can reach Heather at  508-944-6815 or

Are you ready to begin your real estate career? We have the resources to help you pass your real estate exam.  Whether online courses or traditional classes or a two-day intensive course, we have your covered.  Visit