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Mortgage Rates Drop

What is going on with mortgage rates?  Mortgage rates have dropped recently to as low as 4.06% and some lucky home buyers were able to lock in 3.99% recently.  This will jump-start the spring market even though many are predicting a recession is coming soon.

Many buyers that were priced out of the market when mortgage rates rose may now be able to get back into the market with the recent drop in rates.  This is also great for private mortgage companies who may have seen a decline in customers with the higher interest rates.

Lower mortgage rates also mean more people refinancing trying to lock in a lower rate.

With a rise in house prices, a lower mortgage rate can be a game-changer for many buyers and get them back into the housing market.

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Lamacchia Real Estate and Agent Rising Class

Have you always dreamed about starting a real estate career?  Now is a great time to start training to pass your real estate exam and start your real estate career!

Agent Rising Real Estate School is offering a 40 hour pre-licensing class.   This course is offered by Lamacchia Real Estate and powered by Agent Rising Real Estate School.  The LIVE (21) hours kicks off Saturday, April 13th and finishes at the Bootcamp Weekend, May 4th-5th.  Independent Showcase Learning hours (19) are done at your own pace.

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Fun Real Estate Facts

Real estate is a great business.  It can be exhilarating and exasperating all at the same time.  Here are some fun facts you may not have known.

Why are so many doorknobs made of brass? Brass doorknobs can actually disinfect themselves and kill bacteria.  Other metals which have the same qualities include iron, copper and aluminum.  You can skip the hand sanitizer!

What’s the best day to list a home? While Sundays get a lot of reviews, surprisingly Thursdays and Fridays are the best days.  These houses have more property tours and sell quicker and at  a higher price.  Might be worth knowing when putting on a new listing.

In the USA, people typically burn their mortgage papers when they finally pay off their mortgage.  In Scotland, it is traditional to paint their front door red once they pay off their mortgage.

What are the best words to use when listing a house?  We always think of cozy and homey as great terms to use but if you want your house to sell faster and for a higher price, use the words gorgeous and beautiful instead.

Just a few thoughts to brighten up your day! Are you ready to make real estate your career?  Agent Rising Real Estate School has what you need with online courses as well as brick and mortar classes.  We even offer intensive two-day boot camps!

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Agent Rising Real Estate School

The real estate market is hopping! Change is in the air! With all the new technology available to buyers and sellers, do they still need a real estate agent?  The answer is an emphatic yes!  Although buyers can find houses online, they still need a seasoned agent to walk them through the buying process.  They can help them find a lender and get through the pre-approval process as well as the whole buying process including negotiating a good price.

On the seller side, realtors are important to get the house out there and noticed! They can guide sellers on market value and how to position their home to sell at or above market value in a short amount of time. It’s not uncommon to have a bidding war and a seasoned agent can help navigate through the whole confusing and stress-ridden process.

Sounds like a great job! Agent Rising Real Estate School is there to help you obtain your hours and pass your real estate exam.  Whether you are looking for online courses, traditional classroom hours or a concentrated two-day event, Agent Rising has you covered.

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Meet Heather McKay- New Agent and Stager at BOLD Moves Real Estate

Meet Heather McKay of BOLD Moves Real Estate.  Heather is a recent graduate of Agent Rising Real Estate School. Heather is  excited to embark on her new journey as a member of the BOLD Moves Real Estate team as a Real Estate Professional and Home Stager.  By using her skills in carpentry as well as her love of repurposing, she looks forward to assisting clients in both staging their homes for sale, as well as finding the perfect fit for their future home. Buying a home is both a significant and exciting time in everyone’s life. By prioritizing your needs as well as maintaining an honest, loyal and trustworthy relationship, Heather can ensure her clients that their goals will be met! You can reach Heather at  508-944-6815 or

Are you ready to begin your real estate career? We have the resources to help you pass your real estate exam.  Whether online courses or traditional classes or a two-day intensive course, we have your covered.  Visit

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Agent Rising Real Estate School Held Two-Day Class!

Are you upside down?  Are you ready to get out from under and start a new career?  Agent Rising Real Estate School is here to help.  Agent Rising recently held a two-day intensive class on Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th!  It was way too much fun to be work!

There was a great turnout and Kate Lanagan MacGregor, instructor, and broker owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate kept it lively and fun!  Elise Bare of RMS, Residential Mortgage Services was on hand to bring in the mortgage and financing aspect of the real estate transaction.  She has years of experience with all kinds of loans, including FHA, Mass Housing, VA, and conventional, to name a few and was able to share her knowledge with the class.

It was a great opportunity to accumulate the hours needed to take the real estate exam in a short amount of time.  We also offer online courses and webinars if staying at home and earning your hours that way is your preference.

Either way, Agent Rising Real Estate School has you covered.  It’s a great time to get into the real estate industry and see all it has to offer.

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Continuing Eds at Agent Rising Real Estate School

Agent Rising Real Estate School is dedicated to helping you start your real estate career, but we also offer continuing eds for seasoned agents.  Are you lacking your continuing education credits to renew your license?  Agent Rising has you covered!

We offer continuing education credits online in current and relevant real estate subjects.  We can help you get your continuing education credits in order to renew your license.  We also offer Live Webinar continuing education credits on the last Monday of the month.

The courses are interesting and current.  Subjects include: Seller agency, dual agency, and disclosures, to name a few.  It’s a good idea to get your credits done early before it’s time to renew.  Don’t procrastinate!

Visit for more information or call 508-997-8844.  We are happy to answer any questions.

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Start Your Career with Agent Rising Real Estate School

Agent Rising Real Estate School is excited to offer our online and traditional classes to help you start your real estate career.

Whether you are interested in completing your hours online in the privacy of your home or in a traditional classroom setting, we have you covered.

We also offer Weekend Warrior classes and Boot Camps where you can earn your hours in a two- or three-day concentrated classroom setting.

If finances are an issue, we also offer SCHOLARShare scholarships.  Tell us your story and you may be chosen to receive a free tuition online course.

Agent Rising has exactly what you need to earn your real estate license and start your real estate career.

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real estate trends

Real Estate Trends for 2019

What is 2019 going to bring for real estate?  Here are some predicted trends for 2019.

Mortgage rates climbed steadily last year.  The low 3.5% mortgage is a thing of the past right now.  They will continue to creep up this year and may plateau close to 6% this year.  What does this mean for buyers?  Buying a home may be harder.  Some homes may be simply out of their reach with the higher interest rates and rising house prices.  They may also be stuck at a lower price point.

Inventory is expected to rise so some degree. This may help some buyers looking for homes.  Higher end luxury homes going on the market are expected to have an increase.

Sellers are still expected to do pretty well with rising home prices.

Millenials are still expected to represent the largest group of buyers.  They are getting older so they may already be moving on to their second home.  They may be looking for more room or a better location but may still carry student debt which will make them careful with finances.

As real estate agents, this can help shape your year and your focus.  Are you going to jump into the luxury home market or help millenials find a new home?  It’s a great time to look at your marketing and see who your target client will be.

Visit and start your real estate career.  We have online courses, traditional classroom hours, and weekend warrior hours to earn your hours quickly.  Call 508-997-8844 to sign up today!


Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here and time is running out to take advantage of our 2 for 1 Valentine’s Special.  Grab your spouse or significant other, best friend, sibling, or parent, child and sign up for our online classes.  Now is a great time to get your real estate license and what a fun way to do it with a friend or family member.

It’s always to have a study buddy and everything is always better when you share it with a friend or family member.

Visit to sign up today or call 508-997-8844   We can’t wait to meet you and start you on your journey to your real estate career.