Give Without Expectation!

Agent Rising BlogThis is a good business strategy! While there are consumers who hire agents strictly based on their numbers, the majority want to respect and like their agent as well. Whether you have always been a giving person by nature, or you want to become one as part of the new personal and professional you, it is something to strive for. Think about it. When you go to hire any type of professional, your first step is to think about whether there is anyone that you know personally and, perhaps admire a little, who could do this for you. If there is someone, the trust and respect factor go a very long way in your decision on who to hire. This applies to all sorts of professionals from your barber to your lawyer to your real estate professional.
So, open up to the world. Help out whenever you can and expect nothing in return. You will feel immediate gratification! That gratification will be reflected in everything else that you do and people will notice. Will it increase your business? Who knows. It definitely will increase your self esteem, make you happier and you will project that to the world. Nothing bad can come of that, and maybe some good will.

Give without expectation – find a way. Whether you shovel an elderly neighbor’s front walk, pick up the litter on your street, help out at a soup kitchen or donate your time to a local charity, just do it!

Bold Moves Do Gooder!

Caught in the act of service. Eli MacGregor was seen doing some serious shoveling in his Bold Moves Sweatshirt. Eli loves to shovel and shoveled the steps and deck of his home and then went to his grandparents house to shovel their path and driveway. The snow was heavy and wet but Eli wasted no time shoveling out his Chickadee and Grampie’s house so they wouldn’t have to shovel the wet and heavy snow themselves.

It’s never too early to start doing good for others. It is a good feeling knowing that you helped out and there are a lot of jobs young kids can do to help out the adults around them. It’s always a good idea to encourage them to look around and see how they can help those in need around them. It starts a good precedent of service to others which always leads to good things. Great job Eli!

Stay tuned for more spottings of Bold Moves Sweatshirts around town and visit for more info to become the best you can be!

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Juggling Your Real Estate Career and Family Life

Agent Rising BlogJuggling your real estate career and your family time can be tricky but definitely worth it.  There are many ways to accomplish this.

Make family time an appointment.  When you have an important family event simply treat it as an appointment and tell clients you are booked at that time.  Give them another time to meet.  Most will understand.

At the beginning of  the year, plan your vacation  and pre- book family time and stay committed to it.

Have a friend in the office that can help you out when you have conflicts in your schedule. This can be reciprocal, when he is in need of help also.   There are times when time is of the essence.  If you are unavailable, have someone at the office who can cover for you and you can do the same for him or her when they need a hand.

Set aside one day per week to get away from work and spend quality family time.  We all need some downtime. With the craziness of the business, you always find yourself on the phone at all hours of the day.  Stay committed to spending one day a week without the phone and enjoy uninterrupted family time.

Share your work  with your family.  Talk about your highs and lows.

Put aside time for family dinner.  Real estate agents aren’t doctors.  Phone calls can wait an hour while you have dinner with your family.

Sometimes it may cost you a client or two, but in the course of your career, if  you take the time to keep your family foremost in your life, it will make you a better realtor and clients will respect you for that.

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Senate Passes Bill to Delay Flood Insurance Hikes!

ipadThe Senate passed a bill to delay flood insurance hikes.   This is a huge relief to hundreds of thousands of homeowners in coastal andflood-zone areas who were looking at drastically higher flood insurance premiums.  Angry constituents inundated Capital Hill with complaints.

The vote was 67-32 which shows that Capital Hill is listening to the widespread alarm which occurred when changes were made to shore up the program’s finances resulting in astronomically high, unaffordable insurance rates for homeowners in flood zones whose insurance was subsidized by the government and other policyholders in the past.

The bill would delay huge premium increases for up to four years.  It would allow homeowners to pass below-cost policies onto people who buy their homes. Also, people who have recently bought homes, would see the jumps in their premiums rolled back.

Projections of the new rates have caused a panic among homeowners which has affected the real estate market and home values. This is not a complete solution but a reprieve to look at the situation in a new way, and allow time to evaluate the new flood maps and a solution which is not devastating to homeowners who require flood insurance.

Agent Rising is keeping  abreast of the situation and MAR has been working  for passage of this bill to help homeowners.

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Relationships Matter!


Relationships are important in most sales professions,
 but even more so in real estate. 
 This is definitely a contact sport!
Never pass up an opportunity to network and get to know the other agents who work in your geographical area.
Whether this is through your local Realtor association activities, office events, or individual one-on-one contact that you initiate, it is essential.  Attend the social events your local realtor association sponsors.  You will meet your other fellow realtors and have some fun while you do it.  You can also network with fellow realtors while you are earning CEU’s at classes sponsored by your local realtor association.
 When you are involved in a real estate transaction there is nearly always someone representing the other party, and if that agent is someone you know, chances are the transaction will go smoother.
Who can you help?  Can you coach your child’s team? Does your town need Planning Board or other committee members?  Is there a soup kitchen nearby?  Is your child a Cub Scout or Girl Scout? Three things happen when you volunteer: You meet some people, you help some people and you feel better about yourself!
When any of those that you have impacted need a Realtor…who do you think they will turn to? YOU!
The complexity of modern real estate transactions means that there may be several
other professionals involved as well.  Appraisers, home inspectors, lenders, plumbers, electricians,
 attorneys and many more, could all become essential to your buyer or seller achieving their goals.
 Follow up and connect on social sites like Facebook, Google + and Linked In right after
you establish their relationships.  Be nice to fellow Realtors with a personalized Dunkin Donuts card,
wear your company t shirt when you volunteer, always be networking!
Grow your professional relationships  – start with your own office and work outward.  At least once a week,
 meet a colleague for coffee, attend an office meeting or function, go to a Realtor networking event.
Volunteer somewhere!  Solidify the relationship with a follow up personal note letting the person know
how much you enjoyed your time with them and that you hope to work with them in the future.  This helps your business but it also makes your work more enjoyable especially when you are working with people you know and like.

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Body Language and Communication

Agent Rising



 What signals are you sending to others about yourself, and what emotional feedback are you giving others in response to the signals they are sending you.

More than Half!

Body language accounts for more than half of what other people respond to and make assumptions about when connecting with you.


Body language can be loosely broken into 2 kinds of signals: open and closed.

 Open exposes the heart and is welcoming.

Closed defends the heart and is standoffish and sometimes aloof.

 “Welcome, I am open for business” or

“Go away. Leave me alone.”


Exercise:  For one day, point your heart at the heart of everyone you meet. This will demonstrate open body language and build trust and comfort.

You cannot not communicate!

Some experts estimate that 15% of your professional success is determined by skills and knowledge, while 85% comes from your ability to connect with other people and engender trust and respect…

What you say to someone only accounts for

about 20% of what they “hear”


When you are communicating, your gestures, tone of voice, eye language, and non verbal cues are enormously impactful to the message you send!

And you have to do it FAST!

The first few seconds of your first meeting with someone are driven by “your gut”. Each person makes unconscious, unthinking appraisals that center around their feelings of safety:

“I do/don’t feel safe with you”

“I do/don’t trust you.

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The Art of Listening!

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The amount of trust that is built up in a relationship has a lot to do with your listening skills. As realtors, we want our clients to feel we are truly listening and taking account of what they need help with.  We need to listen to what they are saying to accomplish this.

DEPOSITS: courtesy, kindness, honesty, keeping commitments, LISTENING

WITHDRAWALS: disrespect, bossiness, threatening,sarcasm,”just joking”


Be quiet

Use your body language to let the person know you are there

Give an occasional “uh huh” or nod

Stay focused on the conversation. NO email, texting, getting up, doodling,etc.

Ask non-judgement question

i.e. “That’s not clear to me. Will you say it again?”

Make a guess about a feeling!

Listening well, encore.

Restate some of what the person said

Try to pick up on the speaker’s signals

Keep in mind that a person who is different than you and may be looking for something in a ‘listener’ than what you would want

You may not understand

Remember that most people just want someone to listen



.Judge or criticize

Ask excessive questions while he or she is talking

Offer advice or diagnose the ‘problem’

Change the subject

Immediately tell your own experience

Think of what you will say while person is talking

Assume the speaker feels the same way as you would

Be Overly reassuring

Let’s practice…

Spend a few minutes thinking about a problem you are trying or solve or a challenge you are trying to address

Be prepared to describe this situation in detail including both the situation and any potential solutions you are considering

The listener should do his or her best to apply skills just discussed

Switch roles after a few minutes. Everyone needs to practice.   It doesn’t come easily to most.

What you are establishing is a trusting relationship which starts with listening.

We are here at Agent Rising to help you with some of these skills you may need.  Please visit our website to learn more at

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First Impressions are Important!

futurecreateThe Seven First Impressions You Make

1. Your bio/intro/ application/resume.  Have a professional picture taken and have someone proof it.  This letter should be in your CMA

2. Your Social Self: Your emails should have a clean signature that is on all of them.  GMail can come from business email address.  Spell check.  Complete sentences. Always a thank you.  Is Your Facebook a good impression?  People check this and references always.  Google Yourself.  Do you like what you find?

3. Your Vehicle:  Is it Clean and Organized?

4. Your Appearance:  Plan on running into a client wherever you go.  “If a person is poorly dressed, you notice the clothing: but if they are impeccably dressed, you notice the person.”  Are the clothes you are  wearing projecting the message you want to send?  What does your briefcase/bag say?

5. Carriage of Self.  Your ABC’s :    Attitude, body language and congruence.  In face to face communication, people give the most credibility to what they see, next to voice tone, and least to the words they are hearing.  If your words and body language aren’t saying the same thing, people are apt to get confused.

6. Your Handshake:  when you shake hands, people make immediate judgements about your character and level of confidence.  A handshake should be firm, quick, and respectful.  Hard, but not too hard, definitely not too soft.  Err on the hard side.  Consider the 2-handed handshake, where you are touching their forearm with your other hand.

7.  Your followup:   thank You note/ small gift. Send out Cards.  An unexpected card or gift is one of the most powerful and unforgettable actions you can take.

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5 Tips To Launch Your Real Estate Career!

Agent Rising 1. Treat it like a Job. Go to work at 9 am (or whatever your designated “working hours” are) and start your day. Offer to help with what is needed. Dress and act professionally. Act “AS IF”.


2. Follow a training Plan. Whatever your sales training is, do it the way it is laid out for you. Don’t get creative or skip corners. If your company does not provide a training program, use other resources to follow one. Make your car a traveling classroom.


3. Join a Committee at the Board of Realtors. Become embedded in your professional board. Take advantage of what State and National Associations of Realtors has to offer. Treat other Realtors as your A+ customers. Go to events!


4. Volunteer on a Local Level. Become an integral part of your community. Southcoast- Serves ( has many volunteer opportunities if you don’t have any favorites. There is a GRNBAR committee for Community Service.


5. Become Dedicated and Informed. Work toward certifications, Follow Real Estate News through sources like Inman News, Bloomsberg, and MAR and NAR. Get on their email news flashes.


Please contact us at Agent Rising with any questions you may have. We can help you jump start your career and get you noticed.

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