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Agent Rising Real Estate School is your go to real estate school.  We offer many different classes, whether online or live to help you start a real estate career or up your professionalism as a real estate agent!

We offer online courses as well as live hours to fill your requirements to sit and pass the real estate exam.  We have all the tools you need to become a real estate agent by the holidays! Our next Live 2-day workshop is in November.  Stay tuned for more details to come.

We also offer a broker’s course!  Are you a real estate agent who is ready to take the next step and become your own boss?  Our broker’s course is for you! We have all the information and tools to help you fulfill all the requirements to take your broker’s license exam.

We also offer Continuing education units to help you renew your real estate license.  The courses are free and online.  Pay $20 and receive your certificate to use for your continuing education units.

We have you covered with everything real estate, whether you are an aspiring real estate agent or a seasoned professional.

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Back-to-School and Real Estate

It’s that time of year again.  Kids are heading back to school and fall is in the air!

How does that relate to real estate?  School districts can play a major role in choosing a home. Recent surveys show that school district boundaries play a major role in choosing a home in 60% of home buyers.

Many buyers are willing to make concessions on what kind of home they would like to buy if it is in the school district that they would like to see their children attend.  Many are willing to pay a little more and settle for less features that they are looking for to be in a better school system.

The best way buyers can find out about local school systems is to do a search of the areas they are interested in and also to find a local realtor who is knowledgeable about their area and the local school districts.  Check out features of the nearby school districts and their report cards.  Talking to other parents is also a great way to learn about a  quality school system for your children to attend.

Does this sound like a great career?  Now is a great time to get your real estate license and be a community expert for your clients.  Get started now and you can be a licensed agent by the holidays.  Visit to get started on your online course and live hours. Call 508-997-8844

Live Hours

Agent Rising Offers Live Hours!

Agent Rising Real Estate School and Training Center
LIVE HOURS!!! All are invited. Register below.

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Are you looking to become a real estate agent?  Do you need hours to fulfill your license requirement?  Kate Lanagan MacGregor is offering Live Hours!  Sign up today!  Get yourself ready to take your real estate exam.

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Two-Day Boot Camp at Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School held a two-day intensive Boot Camp on August 16th and 17th at the BOLD Welcome Center in Mattapoisett.   It was a great class with about 10 members.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor, co-owner of BOLD Real Estate led the class with some exciting guest speakers.

The day started with a scavenger hunt.  The class was broken up into different groups.  They were sent to different town halls in the area to obtain their scavenger hunt items.  This was a great way to show them the fieldwork that is required when you become a real estate agent.

Attorney Patricia McArdle, co-owner at BOLD Real Estate  was on hand to discuss the legal aspects of a real estate transaction,as well as Jasone Arone of Brick Road Mortgage Company to talk about the financial aspects.

This two-day class is a great way to jump start your real estate career.  You can get your live hours under your belt and finish online.  The class includes all the tools you will need to sit for and pass your real estate exam.

Our next Boot Camp will be in November.  Stay tuned for the dates and mark your calendar!

Visit for more information to sign up for our classes.  You can be a real estate agent by the time the holidays are here! You can also call 508-997-8844

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Fall Real Estate Market

We are almost ready to enter the second half of the year! How is the housing market looking and what do the experts have to say about the fall market?

This year so far has been an improvement for home buyers, especially millennials and first-time home buyers.  The rise in housing prices has started to slow and there has been a significant dip in mortgage rates.   The year will continue to be a seller’s market, but buyers may find there is less competition and frantic home searching, and more time to consider their options and take a little time when deciding to put an offer in on a home they love.

Millennials will still continue to be a majority of the buying population.  Inventory may rise slowly but not fast enough to satisfy all.

Experts predict that prices may still rise slowly but mortgage rates should stay low. Without the pressure of rising interest rates, buyers will face less competition and more time to carefully consider their options.

Of course, some areas will be more beneficial to buyers than others, but the frantic pace seems to be slowing down at the present moment.  Good news for every buyer, young or old.

Are you fascinated by the real estate industry? Now is a great time to start your real estate career.  The kids are heading back to school.  Now is the perfect opportunity to think about your career.  You can become a real estate agent by the holidays!  We have all the tools you need to sit for and pass the real estate exam.

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Fall is a Great Time to Become a Real Estate Agent

Have you always wanted to start a real estate career?  Fall is almost here and it’s  a great time to start thinking about your real estate career! The kids will be heading back to school, freeing up more time to concentrate on your career.

Sign up for our online courses and receive all the tools you’ll need to sit for and pass your real estate exam.  Materials are included in your online tuition.  We also offer an online calendar to sign up for live hours with our certified instructor.

We also offer a two-day intensive live bootcamp to earn your live hours quickly and easily and jump start your course.

Our next two-day Bootcamp is Friday, August 16th and Saturday, August 17th. It’s not too late to sign up.  Stay tuned for the next Live Bootcamp this fall!

You can accomplish your goals and be a realtor before the busy holidays set in.  Make this a pre-holiday goal!

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Agent Rising Real Estate School

Agent Rising Real Estate School is a full service real estate school.  We offer online real estate courses.  Sit back and earn your hours in the privacy of your own home.  We also offer live hours.  Sign up with the online calendar for your live hours or join our next Bootcamp at the BOLD Welcome Center in Mattapoisett, MA on August 16th and 17th!

Agent Rising is also a great place to earn your continuing education credits.  We offer many new and relevant courses to help you maintain your real estate license and stay up to date in the industry.

Ready to step it up and get your broker’s license, we can help you with that too.

If finances are an issue, We also offer a ScholarSHARE program.  Tell us your story and how becoming a real estate agent is in your future and you may be picked for our online course, free of charge.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered! Now is a great time to start your real estate career!

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Interest Rates Lowered

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates last Wednesday.  This is the first cut in quite awhile and is designed to stave off an economic downturn.

How will this affect the real estate market?  This will probably not affect the typical buyer with a 30-year mortgage.  Their interest rate is already hovering around 4%.  This could help buyers with other types of financing such as adjustable-rate loans and commercial loans.

However, lower rates could help buyers with rising house prices.  With lower interest rates, buyers may be able to purchase more house than they could last year.  Instead of a home in the high $300,000’s, they may be able to afford something in the low $400,00’s.  The increase in purchase power is greater than the recent price increases.  This can be a great advantage to buyers.

Are you interested in the real estate career?  Have you always wanted to be a real estate agent?  Now is the time!  Agent Rising Real Estate School can help you achieve your goals whether online or live hours.  We have all the tools you need to take and pass your real estate exam. Visit or call 508-997-8844

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New Boot Camp Offered At Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School is happy to announce their next Live Boot Camp at the BOLD Welcome Center at 145 Fairhaven Rd. in Mattapoisett.

Live Bootcamp

 October 4th and 5th 

Join our 40 hr. live prelicening class for Brokers or Salespersons at the Agent Rising Real Estate Training Center, October 4th and 5th  @8am. Your books are part of the Live Bootcamp Course. Join us for a fun filled day of learning.

Now is a great time to start your real estate career!   Join us for a full two-day course and jump start your licensing hours.  It’s a great way to earn hours and learn all the skills needed to take and pass your real estate exam.

Join Kate Lanagan MacGregor and Marie Greany for an exciting and informative two-days, along with guest speakers in the real estate industry.

Visit  or call 508-997-8844 to register.


Selling Your Home in the Summer

Summer is a great time to sell a home.  While the market tends to pick up in the spring, summer is also a busy and profitable time to put your home on the market. There are many things you can do to put your home in the best light and sell your home quickly and at a great price.

Spruce up the exterior of the home. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, water the flowers.  Make sure everything looks fresh and clean.  It’s a great time to show your buyers a great outdoor space.  Consider investing in some outdoor furniture if you don’t already have some.  If you do, make sure it looks clean and fresh.  New cushions can make a big difference.  It’s a great way to show them how they can make use of the outdoor space.

A hot day, try to keep the house cool.  Run the AC and highlight the central air if you have it.  Make sure it’s comfortable but not chilly.  You can also serve fresh lemonade and iced tea with lots of ice or even some fresh fruit or cool dip.  Keep the comfortable feeling fresh.

Price the house right! Make sure your home is competitive.  If you start too high and come down, people will wonder why the home is not selling.  Stay at market value and your home will sell quicker!

Ready to start your real estate career? Or are you a realtor who needs continuing education or looking to up their professionalism and become a broker?  Agent Rising has you covered.  Visit and take our online classes or check out our next live bootcamp.