Meet our Newest ScholarSHARE Winner

We are happy to announce that  Justin DeFino of Fall River is our newest ScholarSHARE winner.  Justin will be starting the Agent Rising Real Estate course online and is on his way to a successful real estate career.

Justin is excited to start his new adventure and help people buy their dream home or sell their home and move on to a new house or  neighborhood.

Justin is a father of two young daughters and hopes his real estate career will be flexible to allow him extra time to care for his daughters and give him the means to support his family.

He is excited to stay abreast of all the new developments in real estate and keep learning everyday to better help his clients.  He wants to offer professional, individualized service to each and every one of his potential clients and also help his fellow realtors who are new to the industry.

We are happy to offer Justin this first step on his journey to passing his real estate exam and starting his real estate career.

Stay tuned for Justin’s progress and more stories of other ScholarSHARE winners.

Are you thinking of starting a real estate career?  Now is a great time to get started.  Visit and click on the ScholarSHARE link and tell us your story.  You may be picked for a free online course courtesy of Agent Rising.  SOAR with us!

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Change Your Life with our ScholarSHARE Program

Agent Rising Real Estate School is proud of our ScholarSHARE program.  Are you interested in a real estate career but finances are an issue? Our ScholarSHARE program could be for  you.  Tell us your story and what a difference a real estate career can make in your life and we may pick you for our ScholarSHARE program.  It is free tuition for our online course with the materials included.

This is a great step to beginning your real estate career and changing your life.  We go over the entries and pick a lucky recipient.  This is a great opportunity to get your career rolling.

Visit and click on the ScholarSHARE link to start your application and tell us your story.  You could be our next recipient.



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Agent Rising’s SholarSHARE

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a real estate agent?  Agent Rising Real Estate School is ready to help you reach your goals.  We have the classes and all the tools you need to pass your real estate exam and start your real estate career.

We offer brick and mortar classes as well as online classes and webinars to help you get the hours and information you need.   Take our courses in the comfort of your own home and know you are ready and prepared to take your exam.

If finances are an issue, we also offer ScholarSHARE scholarships.  Go to and click on the ScholarSHARE link and tell us your story and how ScholarSHARE can change your life.  You may be picked to receive  tuition-free classes.




Meet Chris Galavotti ScholarSHARE Winner

Agent Rising Real Estate School is happy to introduce another one of our summer giveaway ScholarSHARE winners.

Meet Chris Galavotti.  In Chris’s words:  “I am very grateful that you are giving me a chance to study for this exam.  Your willingness to give back is much appreciated.  Can’t wait to help others achieve their goals through finding the right homes for them to invest in.  Thank You.”

Chris has already started his units and hours and is enjoying it.  He is well on his way with the course and putting in the time to prepare for his real estate exam.

Are your ready to start your real estate career but finances are an issue.  Go to and click on the ScholarSHARE link.  Tell us your story and you may be chosen for a tuition free online course.

Kristyn C.

ScholarSHARE Winner Kristyn C.

Agent Rising Real Estate School is excited to introduce another Summer Giveaway Winner of our ScholarSHARE  scholarship.

Meet Kristyn C.  She is excited to be starting her real estate course through Agent Rising on the road to her journey to become a real estate agent.

According to Kristyn:  “My mother has shown me what it takes to be a Real Estate Agent and how important it was to have a flexible career to still be at the important moments with her family.  I’d like this for myself.  Being a young adult with student debt and medical bills is hard to be able to afford extra money for classes.  I am grateful for this scholarship.”

Are you ready to start your real estate career?  Visit and see how you can fit our online or traditional classes into your schedule.  Our Weekend Warrior Classes are Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16.  Enroll now and jumpstart your real estate hours.  If finances are an issue, click on our ScholarSHARE link and tell us your story.

We can’t wait to meet you.



Meet ScholarSHARE Winner Amanda C.

Meet Amanda C.  She one of the Summer Giveaway ScholarSHARE winners.  

We asked the candidates how a tuition free real estate course would change their lives.  Here is Amanda’s response:

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance and this amazing opportunity. This free 40 hour Pre Licensing Sales Agent course is life changing for me. This opportunity is giving me and my family a chance at a better life. Being a Real Estate sales agent will allow me to break free of my desk job, build myself up and allow me to decide what I will earn and my earning potential. This opportunity will allow me to be more active in my young children’s lives and to spend more time with them, while still being able to support us. And nothing would make me happier than helping others find their happy in their new home.”

Are your ready to start your real estate career?  Visit and click on the ScholarSHARE link and tell us your story.  We offer online as well as traditional classes.  Our next Weekend Warrior Course will be on Sept. 15th and 16th.


New ScholarSHARE Winner, Tara Duclos

ScholarSHARE Recipient Kat Moulton Passes her Real Estate Exam