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Marketing with Videos

videosVideos are a powerful way to market to your audience, and the possibilities are endless! You can create a video to market a specific property, highlight a happy customer or share information. But it seems that most people shy away from videos, whether it be fear of the unknown or it’s possible they’re camera shy. So we did some research and came up with great tips on how to start creating videos.
1. Define your audience– before you even
pick up the camera and begin filming you need to decide who you want to reach.

2. Define your goal-decide what message you are trying to get across to your audience and how.

3. Pick a topic that has done well in a different format and convert that into a video!– Can’t think of anything new for a video? Use something you’ve already created, such as a video for a blog post that’s already been written.
4. Record yourself reading your script– Use your phone or whatever tool you have and practice!
5.  What’s better than a video testimonial from a happy client?  Ask your client is they wouldn’t mind giving you a two-minute testimonial.  Short and sweet is the best. It doesn’t have to be perfect just genuine.  Use your IPad and record them telling about their experience.
6.. Embed your video into your blog, website or share the link on your social networks– Share with your target audience and look for feedback.
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Social Media “Trends” that are Bad for Your Brand!

For Real Estate Professionals

Jovan Hackley
July 6th, 2015

Real estate agents carry the tough burden of being both people and brands. That means that a share is not just a share, and you need an extra filter to make sure your social activity doesn’t damage your business.

Here are social media trending moments that may have a negative effect on your brand if you’re not careful:

1. Half-Baked Story

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be great places to keep up with breaking news, but before you share stories on your business or personal pages, be sure to check the facts. Sharing false or half-baked stories could brand you as an unreliable source for information. Here are a few tips to keep you from falling into the half-baked news pothole:

  • Search for similar stories. Real big stories will be covered by multiple outlets
  • Investigate the source. There are junk news sites that run off of ad revenue and will do anything to get it. Make sure the news you share is from a reliable and trusted source.

2. The Comment Conflict

Your perspective is valuable, but it doesn’t always need to be shared. This is especially true when it comes to comment sections or debates online. Sometimes it’s better to silently disagree than to attempt to correct or argue a point on a feed. Every time you comment, you produce content. That content is attached to your name and brand in Web search results. Your SEO energy is probably better spent on promoting your business or sharing content related to the dangers of buying and selling without an agent instead of a reality star’s dangerous decisions.

3. The Fair Housing Foes

The hard call for many agents is knowing “what not to talk about.” While your personal views are definitely your personal views, if you need a guide on which shouldn’t be shared, your fair housing education is a great place to start. If a post, comment, or story might be construed as sensitive or stereotyping the categories found in The Fair Housing Act, you should reconsider.

4. The Edgy Image

Photos rule today’s social media timelines, but before you reshare, make sure it won’t damage your reputation. The dirty joke, reality TV moment, or shocking medical discovery seems interesting in the moment, but when someone’s sizing you up to be their agent, these can be a little risky. Share with Care.

5. The Business Body Slam

We’ve all had a bad business experience somewhere along the way. Today, the way many react is to take to Facebook or Yelp to body slam the business and share the bad news with the world. This social media post can go either way. If done right, you show up as an educated, community-savvy expert. If done wrong, with expletives and unhelpful detail, you can look like just another a crazy customer.

Have you seen an agent get it wrong?

Divisive headlines, happening hashtags, and simple social media posts can be dangerous when you are your business. These are five of our social media trending moments that could endanger your reputation and future client pool. What would you add to the list?

Jovan HackleyWRITTEN BYJovan Hackley
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Winter Real Estate!

Agent RisingWinter Real Estate! What  does it mean?  Is it slow or busy?  According to Trulia, winter is a great time to sell a home.  According to a 2013 study the likelihood of selling a D.C. home within six months in the winter is 67%, while it’s only 57% in summer and 60% in spring.

Many homeowners read the articles which tell them winter is the worst time to put their house on the market and decide to wait.  This leads to less houses on the market, which is actually a good situation when they  are trying to sell their house.  Less competition.

People who are looking in the winter to buy a house are generally more serious.  They are not perusing the Open Houses on a warm spring day looking for something to do.  There is less inventory so they need to choose from the limited houses out there.

Winter may be a tougher time to snap pictures but you can plan ahead and use summer photos of the house or use the cozy, warm interior of the house to your advantage, making it look like the place they would like to spend time in during the cold winter months.

Holiday decorations can also add to the warm feeling you are trying to portray.  A staged holiday house is always inviting.

So help your clients take the plunge in the winter.  It could be just the advantage they are looking for.

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Be Wary of Internet Hoaxes and Scams!

Agent Rising BlogInternet Scams and Hoaxes are Rampant today. There are viruses which come in the form of an e-mail from someone you “may” know, hoaxes which could be chain letters, false virus alerts, and scams asking you to visit a site and confirm your account information in order to receive money.

A common type of scam is a fake e-mail from a bank, or other reputable source asking you to visit a website and enter personal information. Scammers take a lot of time to make these e-mails look professional, and then will use your personal information for identity theft. They can copy company logos to make it look more legitimate. Your bank would never call you looking for your personal information, so whether this happens on the phone or over the internet, hang up or delete the email. If you feel it could be legitimate, you can always call the institution and ask if the e-mail or call is actually from them. Err on the side of caution. You should never be giving out your account number or credit card information on an unsolicited call or e-mail.

Strangers are very unlikely to be handing out free money. That is another scam. This will lead you to a website to collect your private information. Delete these e-mails right away.

A fairly new scam is circulating for real estate. A rental property will be listed on a site like Craigslist, with pictures and descriptions. The scammers will ask for a rental deposit site unseen, and will then send the keys along. These usually seem like great deals, but you are unable to tour the property first and are asked to send money to a site before you receive the keys. Beware of this! Drive by the property first and see if you can get in touch with the real estate company representing the property. These are usually houses for sale, and the scammer uses the pictures on the internet to list it as a rental. The agent and the seller has no idea this is listed for rent. You are literally throwing your money away. A legitimate renter will always let you look at the property first and there will be a lease to sign before any money is exchanged.

Be wary on the internet. If something seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

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The Power of Google Drive!

agent rising with googleWhat is Google Drive and how can it make you a better agent? Well, Google Drive is a system to help you organize your paperwork and have it available on the Google Cloud and accessible from any of your devices at any time.

Paperless is the new catchword and Google Drive can help you achieve this. It goes hand in hand with GMail and is very easy to use. When you start your paperwork with a new client, whether it be a buyer or seller, you can open a new folder on your Google Drive with the address or client’s name. As you fill out offers and contracts with your client, you can scan documents onto your computer and load them into this folder on your Drive. From there you can share the information with other parties, such as your office manager or the closing attorney. You can share the whole folder and as you download more documents into the folder they will be shared with the people you designate.

This is a great tool to keep you organized. These documents are available from any device you use, such as your smartphone or tablet and you will never have to worry that you don’t have the correct document with you.

It also has the convenience of saving documents to your drive right from your email at the click of a button. You can then move this into the correct folder. It only takes two small clicks.

Keeping up with your paperwork becomes much easier if you load your paperwork onto your drive as you go along, instead of waiting until it piles up.

You can also download the Google Drive App onto your tablet or Smartphone.

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Do You Know Your Technology Today?

Agent Rising BlogDo you know the latest technology out there today?  Last week at the Technology Fair at the Greater New Bedford Association of Realtors, Kate MacGregor went over some of the must-have Apps in Real Estate.

Here are some of the Apps which you can download for free to help you practice y0ur real estate quicker and more efficiently.

Docusign is an invaluable app to obtain signatures when clients are far away and when time is of the essence.

Google  Gmail and Google Drive are a great tool to keep you organized.  You can download all your important documents to your Google Drive and keep them on the Cloud.  This way they are always accessible from any device.

Videolicious is a great App to make video slideshows with music of your listings.  This can help you get the house sold.

MLSPIN  Agent is a great App to help you easily get into MLS and use it more efficiently.

Home Snap is a great App.  Take a picture of any house and it will show you all kinds of information on the house including the price if it is for sale.

Open Home Pro is a great App to help you with the planning and implementation of  your Open House.

Skitch is a great App and can also be used in conjunction with Videolicious to put captions on the photos you use.

Cam Scanner is a great App that uses your camera to scan in photos and documents.

White Pages and ZIP Code are great Apps to help you find and store information  on your clients.

These are just some of the Apps you can download to help you operate more efficiently.   Visit us at for more real estate tips.

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