Open House Tips!


Open Houses are still an effective tool for selling a house! Here are a few tips to help you host a  successful Open House!

Make sure you post your Open House on MLS, Zillow, and any website or blog you have.  Also post on your Facebook Business page.

Advertise in your local papers also.

Make sure you have a sign-in sheet to keep track of your guests and also to track their names, and emails and phone numbers.  Better yet, use your ipad to register your guests.  There is an Open House App for that.

Set an unconventional time frame to lessen competition with other Open Houses.

Serve some homemade snacks individually wrapped and season appropriate drinks.  Hot chocolate or warm apple cider will warm up your guests on a cold winter day as well as provide great aromas.

Have some water bottles available, which also could have custom labels to advertise your business.

Make sure you put up plenty of signs at all the crossroads leading to the house as well as in front.  Also put up an Open House rider on your sign a week before the Open House.

Invite a mortgage broker to put together a flyer with their rates and also to attend the Open House with you.

Create a slide show to play of the house during the Open House, especially if it is wintertime and you have some good summer pictures when a pool is open, or the summer furniture is out and inviting.

A week before the Open House, create a postcard with pictures of the house and your info. as well as details of the Open House to send out to all the surrounding neighbors.

Most of all be the good hostess or host buyers are hoping to meet.  Show them around but also give them some time to wander through alone, and be prepared to answer their questions.  Have copies of the plot plan and field card available to help inform the buyers and any other pertinent information to help them make their decision.

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What is Destination Southcoast?

destination southcoast logoWhat is Destination Southcoast? Destination Southcoast was created by Beyond Bold Media as a method of getting your reviews on multiple sites so that people can find them on the web when they are looking. They offer a free directory and then offer opportunities for you to get your message out there depending on what your budget is and what your needs are.

Why is this important? Online reviews are part of reputation management and online reviews are driving the buying decisions of our consumers today. Statistics show that a consumer trusts a review online as much as they trust a referral or recommendation from a trusted friend Lots of people are commenting, liking , reviewing, friending and yelping in cyberspace.

Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and branding. By taking action to stimulate reviews for your business, you can influence your reputation for the positive. You can market your reputation online and get the benefits of those reviews while making sure that it’s the message you want to portray, and also getting your reviews and business found on Google.

In business, it’s critical to know what people are thinking and saying about you. Destination Sothcoast has created Lottie the LoveBug. Lottie comes from love and tell. She wants people to love your business and tell people about it. Positive thoughts and positive reviews. Lottie the LoveBug can help you actively seek positive reviews and then take them into Destination South Coast to plaster those reviews all over the place.

The launch will take place April 8th. Stay tuned, more details to follow! For more ideas visit us at

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How to Boost House Value!

buyerrelationshipHousing values may be on the rise, but what investments can boost the value in your house without draining your pocketbook unnecessarily?

First of all, try to create the feeling of space. Knocking out a non-structual wall or removing an island can create more of an open space that buyers are looking for. Buyers are looking for wide, open floor plans with less wall space.

Another small investment which yields large returns, is landscaping. Simply cutting grass, trimming hedges and trees, and cleaning up perennial beds can make a huge difference in the look of the property.

Go back to basics and work on maintenance fixes such as plumbing leaks or rusty rain gutters. This could go a long way to attract buyers.

Don’t overlook the front door. This is the first thing your buyers will see. A fresh coat of paint or a new overhang could make a large difference.

Tune up the bathroom. You may not have a lot of money for upgrades but small things go a long way. Replace frosted glass with clear glass, clean the grout, remove rust stains, fresh caulk, new faucets and knobs, or even a new toilet seat make your bathroom look fresh and clean.

Paint goes a long way, and is cheap to do. Stick to neutral colors and don’t forget dingy ceilings.

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Making Clients Feel Important!

agent rising blogYour clients are the mainstay of your business.  Developing lasting relationships and satisfactory transactions are where your referrals come from.  Technology is an important and necessary part of your real estate tools.  You are able to get your job done faster and more efficiently when you have the technology you need to make it happen, such as your i-pad, i-phone and apps to do paperless transactions and get you noticed on the web.

The important piece of your business is to use your people skills and technology appropriately  with different clients.  Young house sellers and buyers are very technology savvy, and this is where your web presence is important.  They are going to start  looking for a house or a real estate agent on the web and your presence on search engines is what will get you noticed and busy with their business.  This means you want to have a website you are blogging on to keep you on page 1 of their Google search.

You also don’t want to ignore the importance of your transactions and helping people reach their real estate goals, whether buying or selling a house.  This is the reason you are a real estate agent.  Forming a good relationship with your clients and doing a great job on their transactions will help you get the referrals you need  to keep your business going.  When you truly care about what your clients are looking for and help them get there with no thought of   “what is in it for me” will build your business and your clientele.

This means you may have clients who are not internet savvy at all and may not even be able to receive documents by email.   You need to change your gears and tailor your strategy to them.  This would include more phone calls and meetings face to face to get the job done.  Also, handwritten thank you notes are always a nice touch in every situation.

Tailoring your style to every client is what keeps them coming back and referring their friends.  This shows them you truly care about their situation.

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You are Ageless!

Agent Rising BlogIf you are just starting out in real estate but can remember the 70s like they were yesterday, don’t despair.  Age really is only a number, your enthusiasm and willingness to learn will carry you through.  Agent Rising is here to help with social media and technology tips and training that will catch you up in no time.
The first step is to admit your limitations and methodically strive to overcome them. For example, an easy place to start is to get comfortable with your smart phone.  In addition to phone calls, you need to be able to send and receive emails and texts on your phone.  It can also be useful to have a calender application (app) on your phone to keep track of your appointments and a navigation app to get you there on time!  Having access to the internet on your phone can save you having to tell a client you will get back to them with an answer, you can look it up right there.  Got your phone mastered?  It’s time to move on to the next gadget or software.  Don’t be afraid of learning new technology.  You can do it!
Another way to keep up-to-date with new ideas and strategies is to subscribe to various real estate blogs.   Agent Rising’s blog is always chock full of interesting ideas and a quick search on the internet will find other popular ones.  Blogs are great because the writers are very often willing to share tricks that they have learned to help them succeed.  Take advantage of that!  You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself and you will learn some time tested strategies as well.

Work towards becoming ageless – take stock of your abilities with technology and social media.  What are your weak points?  Make a list of the problem, the solution and set a deadline to accomplish your objective. Break your learning down into small manageable steps and track your progress

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Selling houses in Wintertime!

Agent rising blogSelling houses in the winter can be a challenge, but there is no reason you need to wait until spring to put a house on the market.  It’s true that it may be a slower time but consumers face all kinds of situations such as divorce and relocations that may make a winter move essential  Most winter buyers and sellers are serious and may have a sense of urgency.

How do you prepare a house for a winter sell?     One key ingredient is to price your house realistically to sell without  the added extra for haggling.  It will help avoid the situation of your house sitting on the market longer than you’d like.

Also, if at all possible, use photos of your house snow free.   If that’s not possible, take pictures as soon as you have a brief thaw.  The less snow the better.

To combat winter’s gloom, try to clean up the driveway of any leaves and debris and keep the driveway and paths clear of snow.  It might not look as good as springtime but the neater and cleaner the better.

Since you can’t control the weather,  you can stage the inside of the house to look warm and cozy.  Declutter, put away personal stuff as much as possible  and maybe have a cozy fire in the fireplace.  Baking some nice smelling pies or desserts before a showing always leaves a nice scent in the air.

Lighting is always important.  You might want to use brighter bulbs to combat winter gloom.  Also, cleaning the windows will let more light in and make your rooms look brighter.

It’s a little more work, but selling a house in the winter is always a good choice.

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Earthquake Shakes up Southeastern Massachusetts

bold moves real estate buildingA 2.4 magnitude earthquake shook Southeastern Massachusetts on Tuesday evening around 6 pm. The epicenter was located near Bliss Corner in Dartmouth. The tremors were felt in New Bedford, Fairhaven, Acushnet, Rochester, and Mattapoisett. Many reported feeling a loud boom as if their furnace had exploded. Most people wondered what it was. Many felt it could have been an accident outside.

There were no reports of any injuries or damage. Since the earthquake was relatively shallow it was felt over a larger area. Geophysicists say earthquakes happen more than we think, we just don’t feel them. The last earthquake to occur in Southeastern Massachusetts was in January.

There have been rumblings in the real estate market as well. House prices have remained stable and the interest rate has crept up slightly but remained steady. It is still a great time to buy or sell a house. There are still plenty of houses available and now is the time to take advantage of that while prices remain stable and USDA loans are still available for many of the neighboring towns.

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Neighborhood Real Estate Agent!

chinupWhat are consumers really looking for in a real estate agent?  Of course they’d like you to sell their home for them in a timely manner or help them buy a new house, but they can look up houses on their own on the internet. What else are they looking for?

Real Estate Agents still have the local market knowledge and expertise they are looking for.  It is one of our competitive edges in this day and age.  There are a lot of statistics and facts on the local real estate sites, but not always accurate.   We, as real estate agents can help them sort through the facts and realize what is true in our area.   We may not know everything , but there is a lot you can offer on the trends in selling and buying in your neighborhood.  Especially to clients new to the area, you can offer them information on schools, local spots to dine, and even differences in taxes and education in the towns you serve.  You become the local “expert”.

People like to know about the neighborhoods, they are moving into.  Even new agents, who may not be as seasoned, can capitalize on this by researching and learning the local area and blogging about it on your website.

You can become the “local agent” and that leads to real estate success.

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Give Without Expectation!

Agent Rising BlogThis is a good business strategy! While there are consumers who hire agents strictly based on their numbers, the majority want to respect and like their agent as well. Whether you have always been a giving person by nature, or you want to become one as part of the new personal and professional you, it is something to strive for. Think about it. When you go to hire any type of professional, your first step is to think about whether there is anyone that you know personally and, perhaps admire a little, who could do this for you. If there is someone, the trust and respect factor go a very long way in your decision on who to hire. This applies to all sorts of professionals from your barber to your lawyer to your real estate professional.
So, open up to the world. Help out whenever you can and expect nothing in return. You will feel immediate gratification! That gratification will be reflected in everything else that you do and people will notice. Will it increase your business? Who knows. It definitely will increase your self esteem, make you happier and you will project that to the world. Nothing bad can come of that, and maybe some good will.

Give without expectation – find a way. Whether you shovel an elderly neighbor’s front walk, pick up the litter on your street, help out at a soup kitchen or donate your time to a local charity, just do it!

Bold Moves Do Gooder!

Caught in the act of service. Eli MacGregor was seen doing some serious shoveling in his Bold Moves Sweatshirt. Eli loves to shovel and shoveled the steps and deck of his home and then went to his grandparents house to shovel their path and driveway. The snow was heavy and wet but Eli wasted no time shoveling out his Chickadee and Grampie’s house so they wouldn’t have to shovel the wet and heavy snow themselves.

It’s never too early to start doing good for others. It is a good feeling knowing that you helped out and there are a lot of jobs young kids can do to help out the adults around them. It’s always a good idea to encourage them to look around and see how they can help those in need around them. It starts a good precedent of service to others which always leads to good things. Great job Eli!

Stay tuned for more spottings of Bold Moves Sweatshirts around town and visit for more info to become the best you can be!

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