Service Counts!

Agent RisingWhat do I mean by service counts. It all comes back to The Shine Vision. Living by vision is to be motivated by what could be, rather than held back by what is.

Rise Above Survival

Soar Past Success

Shine Beyond Significance

S- Serve Others

H- Honor Higher Purpose

I- Improve continually

N- Navigate by values

E- Excel in relationships (exceed expectations)

Align your thinking to “how I can help” rather than “what’s in it for me” Practicing real estate takes a lot of work and patience before we see the fruits of our labor, but if we work with the vision of how you can help your clients realize their dream of owning or selling a home, the rewards will come to you. Whether it is in monetary value, the satisfaction of making new relationships, helping someone reach their goal, or even pitching in to help them with a job they are incapable of handling on their own. Volunteering on a daily basis, whether it’s coaching your child’s sports team, being a Cub Scout leader, helping at a local shelter all contribute to your sense of service and the rewards will follow. By exceeding others expectations, you will become a person they trust and want to work with and that leads to other referrals. Start with service and the rest will follow.

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Agent Rising Goes to Real Estate Connect in NYC!

real estate connect nyc agent risingGreat information picked up at the 2014 Inman News Real Estate Connect in NYC!

It’s been a great couple of days, and we have learned a ton! These conferences are full of information that we are able to bring back to help make you the best Real Estate Agent you can be!  One of our major takeaways from this trip was the need to utilize video for your listings. There are some great programs out there right now, one that stood out in particular was TreehouseTreehouse creates a virtual tour of the listing through your photos or videos. The application seems really user friendly and easy to use for those who are necessarily “tech-savvy”. We’re excited to get back to the office and give it a try with some of our listings. Do you need help creating a virtual tour for your listing? Contact Agent Rising we’d be happy to help! Our Media company offers photography and video, we can easily come take professional photos of your listing!

Another important thing we learned this week was the importance of working on teams, and utilizing people based on their particular skills. With todays busy agent, it’s difficult to get everything done on your own. So find a great team that you trust and can work with or hire an assistant… do what you need to do to make sure you’re time is being properly utilized.


Make sure to follow the Agent Rising blog for great tips and information on how to build your business~ our goal is to make you the best REALTOR you can be! 

First Impressions are Important!

futurecreateThe Seven First Impressions You Make

1. Your bio/intro/ application/resume.  Have a professional picture taken and have someone proof it.  This letter should be in your CMA

2. Your Social Self: Your emails should have a clean signature that is on all of them.  GMail can come from business email address.  Spell check.  Complete sentences. Always a thank you.  Is Your Facebook a good impression?  People check this and references always.  Google Yourself.  Do you like what you find?

3. Your Vehicle:  Is it Clean and Organized?

4. Your Appearance:  Plan on running into a client wherever you go.  “If a person is poorly dressed, you notice the clothing: but if they are impeccably dressed, you notice the person.”  Are the clothes you are  wearing projecting the message you want to send?  What does your briefcase/bag say?

5. Carriage of Self.  Your ABC’s :    Attitude, body language and congruence.  In face to face communication, people give the most credibility to what they see, next to voice tone, and least to the words they are hearing.  If your words and body language aren’t saying the same thing, people are apt to get confused.

6. Your Handshake:  when you shake hands, people make immediate judgements about your character and level of confidence.  A handshake should be firm, quick, and respectful.  Hard, but not too hard, definitely not too soft.  Err on the hard side.  Consider the 2-handed handshake, where you are touching their forearm with your other hand.

7.  Your followup:   thank You note/ small gift. Send out Cards.  An unexpected card or gift is one of the most powerful and unforgettable actions you can take.

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Bold Moves Real Estate Donates to Toys for Tots!

DSC_0012      Bold Moves Real Estate has been collecting unwrapped toys for the local Toys for Tots Initiative.  We are proud to say that we have had an amazing response from the local realtors and community.

      Bold Moves Real Estate had its Grand Opening at the Bold Welcome Center on November 22, 2013 on 145  Fairhaven Rd. Mattapoisett, MA.  The Bold Moves Welcome Center includes Bold Moves Real Estate, Beyond Bold Media, and Agent Rising.
      We had a great turnout and were happy to say that many visitors brought along a toy for our Toys for Tots box.  We have also been receiving a generous amount of toys from our own realtors,
local realtors, and the community in general.
       We are very happy with the turnout and today, Sandy King, one of our realtors, brought the big box full of toys to the State Police Barracks in Dartmouth, MA where they will be distributed to children in need.  It really is a great program and we’d like to thank all the people who contributed and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas Season from Bold Moves Real Estate, Beyond Bold Media and Agent  Rising. We hope everyone enjoys this time with their family and friends.
    Please call us with any of your real estate needs!    508-997-8844
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The Importance of Customer Reviews!

Customer reviews are a powerful thing!

The business world is quickly moving towards the importance of customer reviews, and how much those reviews can affect your business. People don’t want to hear you say how great your business is, they want to hear other people say how great your business is!

So as a real estate agent how does this work for you? At or right after closing, ask your client for a review or video testimonial~ and then upload the review to your website. Try to get into the habit of asking every client for a review, the more reviews you have the more competitive you become. Think about it, when you go to a restaurant are you going to pick one with no reviews or pick one with 100 good reviews? Real Estate works the same way!

Not sure where to begin? Contact Agent Rising, we are happy to help!

Marketing With Videos!

agent rising teaches video

Videos are a powerful way to market to your audience, and the possibilities are endless! You can create a video to market a specific property, highlight a happy customer or share information. But it seems that most people shy away from videos, whether it be fear of the unknown or it’s possible they’re camera shy. So we did some research and came up with great tips on how to start creating videos.
1. Define your audience– before you even
pick up the camera and begin filming you need to decide who you want to reach.
2. Define your goal-decide what message you are trying to get across to your audience and how.

3. Pick a topic that has done well in a different format and convert that into a video!– Can’t think of anything new for a video? Use something you’ve already created, such as a video for a blog post that’s already been written.
4. Record yourself reading your script– Use your phone or whatever tool you have and practice!
5. Embed your video into your blog, website or share the link on your social networks– Share with your target audience and look for feedback.
For more information on the camera feature on your phone check out Agent Rising Scorecards!